Will Shane Dawson ever return to YouTube?

It’s going to be almost two months since Shane Dawson last posted a video on his YouTube Channel. His last video ‘Taking Accountability’ addressed the issues of him making racist jokes in his past. He also talked about how he made some jokes about pedophilia and he wanted to take accountability for everything he did and wanted to properly apologize for it. He also apologized directly to James Charles. Though, just a few days later after he posted that video, Shane Dawson got involved in two major scandals. He disappeared from YouTube and has not yet returned.

The Willow Smith scandal and the Tati Westbrook scandal

An old clip of Shane Dawson surfaced on the internet, in it he was joking about wanting to mastu*bate to a poster of a celebrity kid. This just happened to be Willow Smith. She was eleven years old at the time. The clip made its way to Willow’s family. Her brother, Jaden Smith, and mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith, called out Shane Dawson. Jada promptly stated, ‘there are no excuses for this Shane Dawson’.

The whole internet then proceeded to ruthlessly cancel Shane Dawson on social media. While this was happening, another major drama erupted. Tati Westbrook uploaded a video ‘Breaking my Silence’ in which she claimed that Shane and Jeffree manipulated her against James Charles last year. Tati said she was fed absolute lies about James. Shane only reacted to Tati’s video in a very short and abrupt Instagram Live. That did not go over well with Shane’s critics.

Shane’s career has taken a major hit and he’s lost many fans

People were really hurt by Shane Dawson’s actions and he has lost many fans and even close friends such as Blaire White. Moreover, his books were removed by Target.  And, his YouTube videos were demonetized as well. Retail companies such as Morphe also removed Shane’s makeup products that he made alongside Jeffree Star.

His net worth probably took a hit as well because his source of revenue is now limited. Many have turned their backs on Shane Dawson and are not ready to forgive him.

Any news on Shane Dawson?

The only thing that we do know about Shane Dawson is that he secretly launched new merch with his collaboration with Jeffree Star. Other than that, there was no news about his whereabouts. He has not posted anything on social media either and he’s not made any videos on Youtube. Shane did delete his videos on the Shane TV Channel. And then re-uploaded all the videos. Other than that, he did nothing.

There was also a former fan of Shane Dawson who came out with her story of how she kissed Shane when she was a young kid when she met him. Moreover, there was also some false rumor about there being a police investigation going on Shane Dawson. Shane did tell Keemstar that the news was not true. It was just a rumor spread by controversial YouTuber Sanders Kennedy. This rumor was spread after another rumor that Shane was in the hospital. That was also false.

Some People still rooting for Shane Dawson

People are still not supporting Jeffree Star but he returned to YouTube and is continuing to work on Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He launched a new makeup collection, got a new boyfriend, and is living his best life. Star keeps getting hate comments in his comment section. But, he’s ignoring all of that and focusing on his career. He only addressed the dramas he was facing once and didn’t address them again.

There is still some support for Shane Dawson though, his fiancé, Ryland Adams, is still there and said that he did understand why people are upset over Shane’s old content. And Ryland hopes that people can give Shane another chance:

“At some point, I hope that we can champion change and growth over canceling someone altogether, or going for the absolute worst on the internet.”

Other people that have come out in support of Shane Dawson are Trisha Paytas, Jeffree Star, Eugenia Cooney, Brittany Louise-Taylor, and Morgan Adams.

Perhaps, Shane Dawson will follow a similar route. One thing is clear, Shane will not easily be forgiven. We will have to wait and see what happens next and whether he revives his YouTube career or not.

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