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Why Was YouTuber and Netflix Star Cameron Dallas Arrested?

The popular YouTuber and Netflix star Cameron Dallas for arrested on the charges of assault in a hotel in Colorado and has now spoken up about it.

Why Cameron Dallas Was Arrested

It seems like Cameron Dallas was arrested on charges of assault. While his stay at a hotel in Colorado, Dallas was arrested by police on Saturday. Before summoning the authorities, an ambulance was called at the hotel to help a man who was bleeding from the face. During Cameron Dallas’s statement with the police, the victim identified Dallas as the one who punched him.

But the social media posts the YouTuber later made suggest that it might have been in self-defense.

Who was Cameron Dallas protecting? And who was he protecting them from? These are the questions that will remain unanswered but Dallas is not afraid to own up to what he did. He has justified his actions by saying he wanted to protect the people he cares about.

What Will Happen Next?

Initially, Cameron Dallas was charged with second-degree assault. But he was later released from jail pending an investigation, and his court date has already been scheduled for 22nd January. A 5,000 bond was also posted.

Although no details of the event or assault are shared, everybody is looking out. Netflix has already been reached to comment on how these charges will impact his presence on the streaming service. No actions have been taken up till now, but let’s wait and see!

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