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Why Gabbie Hanna & Shane Dawson are losing views count on YouTube?

The world of YouTube is going through a fiery roller coaster these days. We cannot exactly point fingers at what started the whole drama. However, it just seems to turn into a black hole at this point, and it’s sucking more and more YouTubers into it. Shane Dawson was the first one to go MIA after his “accountability” video got viral. Smith family was sucked into the mix as well when an old video clip of Shane Dawson doing crazy sh*t in front of a Willow Smith poster got viral. But Shane decided to stay silent on that matter. He did go LIVE when Tati Westbrook tried her version of “accountability” video as well. And now, rumors are that Shane is probably in a hospital. Meanwhile, Gabbie Hanna has deactivated her social media handles (excluding YouTube) and she’s gone MIA as well. What’s the other thing common between these 2 scenarios? Both are losing YouTube Views Count.

Shane Dawson’s YouTube views count

Shane Dawson is one of the pioneer YouTubers that are still making content. He joined YouTube on September 22, 2005. That’s right, almost 15 years ago. And all through these 15 years, he might have never anticipated what he will be facing for his content.

Currently, Shane Dawson’s YouTube views count stats stand at 4,457,968,235 views as per YouTube itself. Whereas; it is 4,458,436,506 views as per Social Blade. What’s shocking is that the view count dropped from 5,640,959,261 to this level. That’s more than a billion views drop that happened right before or after the accountability video. Some of the fans believe (and it makes sense) that Shane Dawson deleted his controversial videos and that led to a huge decline in his total number of views. That’s the calculation Shane might have already gone through while he was deleting the videos. He might had an idea of the subscribers loss as well. But the current figure of subscribers is more than he would have imagined. Shane Dawson has lost 1 million subscribers in the last 2 weeks, 800k since his last YouTube video.

Where is Gabbie Hanna?

Gabbie Hanna has deactivated all of her social media handles, excluding YouTube. Just a few days ago, she called out YouTube for shadow-banning her, removing her content from recommendations and allegedly restricting people from following her YouTube channel.

Is she alright? We believe so, because her boyfriend Payton has not given any such hint on his social media profiles. So, fans shouldn’t be worried about her and Gabbie is probably on a break from the internet for her mental health.

She is also deleting her videos as well. And that’s weird. We are still unsure whether she has deleted any of her controversial videos yet, but we are sure of one thing. The videos Gabbie Hanna and Shane Dawson shot together for her channel are gone. Yes, gone!

Gabbie Hanna’s YouTube views count dropped from 1,100,875,815 to 1,060,338,962 on June 28, 2020. Before deactivating her social media profiles, she managed deleting all of her collaboration videos with Shane Dawson. On the other hand, Shane Dawson still has his Gabbie-collab videos on his YouTube channel.

Is it the next conspiracy theory?

Shane Dawson is famous for his YouTube series of various conspiracy theories that break the internet every single time. While his fans were still anxious to find out what his topic would be this year, Shane’s life has gone upside down.

Shane Dawson and Gabbie Hanna were not friends anymore. Not from last few years since Gabbie allegedly dated Shane’s friend and video editor Andrew Siwicki and after the break up, Gabbie couldn’t stay friends with Shane Dawson.

The next conspiracy theory is still out of the equation until Shane Dawson returns to creating content. However, is Gabbie Hanna cutting ties with everyone from the past by deleting her content with not-friends-anymore? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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