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Why Did not These Celebrities Attend Met Gala 2021

Why Didn’t These Celebrities Attend Met Gala 2021

MET Gala 2021 is over but the buzz has still not died. Many regular celebrities and socialites were missing from the event. Let's find out why.

Every year, Hollywood celebrities and socialites dress up and walk the red carpet at this prestigious event in New York. While last year the pandemic put a stop to everything, MET Gala 2021 is back with a bang. As expected, people were anticipating the glamor of the red carpet and innovative designs of the outfits. However, many of the regulars of the MET Gala decided to skip the event. While some had commitment issues, others could not be bothered to get vaccinated.

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Celebs who did not attend MET Gala 2021:

Nicki Minaj

Although she is one of the regulars, Minaj decided to sit this one out. However, her reason made the internet lose its chill. According to Anaconda singer, one of the rules to attend MET Gala 2021 is that all guests must be fully vaccinated. But she shared that she is still doing her own research about the vaccine and will not be forced to get it. After this confession, Twitter went into a frenzy. People called her out for being anti-vaxxer and shamed her for spreading misinformation. Instead of admitting her mistake, Minaj made matters worse by getting into multiple arguments.

Kylie Jenner

Earlier this month, Kylie Jenner announced her second pregnancy with Travis Scott. Although she was rumored to debut her baby bump on MET Gala 2021 red carpet, the news leaked beforehand. Therefore, Jenner made the pregnancy announcement earlier. At the same time, she decided to not attend the gala at the last minute. According to sources:

“She pulled out last minute because she is overwhelmed and just doesn’t feel great. She did a lot this past weekend and pushed it. Kylie has been going back and forth for the last two months on if she wanted to attend or not and decided she doesn’t really need to go.”


Every year, fans anxiously wait for Queen B’s look. However, she opted to not attend the gala this year. While some speculated that she might be working on new music, that is not the reason. Apparently, Beyoncé and her family are on vacation in Europe.

Harry Styles

Another regular celebrity to attend the gala is Harry Styles. In 2019, he was the youngest co-chair of the event. However, he was absent from MET Gala 2021. Due to his ongoing US tour, Styles could not attend it.

Selena Gomez

Although Love You Like a Love Song singer has not said anything about not attending the event, fans guessed that she won’t. Instead of arriving in New York, Selena Gomez was seen out and about in LA on Sunday.

Sarah Jessica Parker

It would not be wrong to say that Parker is one of the most prominent celebrity to attend MET gala every year. However, she could not attend MET Gala 2021. She was busy shooting for the revival of S** and the City.

Ariana Grande

Another fan favorite MET gala attendee is Ariana Grande. In May, the singer got married to Dalton Gomez. While it is unclear but her absence might be due to the newlywed’s bliss. Instead of attending events and walking red carpets, she is spending quality time with her husband.

Other notable names missing from MET Gala 2021 were Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, Blake Lively, Miley Cyrus, Cardi B and Lady Gaga. Whether they were avoiding the COVID-19 or busy with their lives, we surely missed them onb the red carpet. Here’s hoping they will return next year.

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