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'Who the F* is JXDN?' Series by Jaden Hossler will give you an inside look into his life

‘Who the F* is JXDN?’ Series by Jaden Hossler will give you an inside look into his life

Do you want to know Jaden Hossler aka jxdn is? Like really know him? Lucky for you, Jaden Hossler has launched a series called ‘Who the F* is JXDN?’ for all those dying to know more about him.

Jaden Hossler is a famous TikToker, YouTuber and musician who gained a lot of popularity after featuring on Nessa Barrett’s song ‘la di die’. He ended up getting in a relationship with Nessa Barrett. Although the relationship was a controversial one as Nessa happened to be the ex-girlfriend of his best friend, Josh Richards. Despite the controversy of fans who see the relationship as a betrayal, the song ‘la di die’ was a huge success and it led to Nessa and Jaden making their debut on big talk-shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Love him or hate him, you will definitely respect his drive for success and music talents. Taking inspiration from real-life events, he adds truth to his music and uses it to give hope to everyone. That’s certainly earned him a lot of loyal fan following who would love the new series ‘Who the F* is JXDN?’

Get to know Jaden Hossler a little better on ‘Who the F* is jxdn’

He made the announcement and gave us a little trailer for the new series on his Instagram:

It will give you an inside look into who really Jaden Hossler or jxdn is.

Who the f**k is Jaden? It’s me. He’s a sporadic, kid-hearted, old soul, he loves black coffee, he loves in-and-out, he has a severe nicotine addiction. He loves music and he loves people. And it’s me.

He will be showing what actually happens behind the scenes, how he makes his music and why he makes it the way he does. There is a clip of having talking about how Travis Barker is like ‘his dad in and outside of music’. He’s currently signed with Barker’s label, DTA Records.

Furthermore, Jaden Hossler added that he wants to welcome people who feel like they don’t fit in anywhere:

If you feel like you don’t have a place to sit in, if you feel like you don’t have a home, I’m opening my arms. I have been through a lot of sh*t. I have made a lot of mistakes. And I have made a lot of good decisions. You know, I found myself in the worst places and in the best places. So, it feels good to relate to people that have been through the same things or some of the things that you have. You know this is a world with a lot of hate and I’m just trying to f**king take that sh*t down!

There were also clips of Jaden’s girlfriend Nessa Barrett within the trailer so we might be getting a sneak peak into their relationship as well.

All in all, Jaden Hossler aka jxdn is excited for the world to get to know who the f* is jxdn! The Instagram caption revealed that there would be new episodes each Friday. So, stay tuned!

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