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Who Leaked Nathan Schwandt’s Explicit Photo?

For all those people who don’t know about Nathan Schwandt, he is Jeffree Star’s ex-boyfriend. Nathan‘s ex disclosed the news of their breakup right after moving together into the million-dollar mansion. He also mentioned in the breakup video that he is finding it really hard to deal with the whole situation.

On the other hand, we don’t really know how Nathan is dealing with the whole situation. As he hasn’t spoken to any social media outlets about the whole breakup incident.

Before getting into the actual topic, let’s take a recap of the whole Nathan Schwandt and Jeffree Star drama.

Actual Reason Behind Nathan Schwandt And Jeffree Star’s Breakup

Jeffree Star announced his breakup news on YouTube and it left fans in utter shock.

“You guys know that me and Nate had been through so much together. And there is no crazy gossip and there is no tea. I don’t think that enough celebrities, influencers, people with a platform talk about and that is mental health.

A few years ago Nathan lost his grandfather in a very tragic way. You guys know that me and Nathan lost two dogs last year. And we lost diamond on the fifth in the summer and daddy on October six.

Jeffree further mentioned in the video that Nate was finding it really hard to process his grandfather’s death. And both he and Nathan were unable to process anything properly because of their crazy lifestyle. Like working on new things and filming videos.

They were so occupied with being there for each other, that they actually forgot to be there for themselves first. And this is what the year 2020 is going to be like for them. They both are going to be there for themselves.

Nathan Schwandt Never Wanted To Be In The Spotlight

A lot of people started asking this question on social media that Nathan seems off in the “Official Jeffree Star Dream House Tour“. To which Jeffree replied:

“You guys, Nathan never loved being on the camera, you can replay all of our videos. He loved being behind the scenes. He never wanted to be famous.

He never wanted to be in the spotlight. He never wanted attention. But he loved and believed in everything I was doing and was a part of everything I asked him to.

The actual reason behind Nathan leaving all the social media platforms was that he never wanted people to come after him. He was getting sick of people judging him for all the wrong reasons. He was never after Jeffree’s name, money, or fame. Nate even went to see Jeffree and their baby dogs after the breakup.

What’s Going To Happen With Michigan House?

Nate‘s family is living there and Jeffree might visit him soon when things are back to normal. And he referred to the Michigan House as “Our House”.

Well!! That’s a little confusing.

The Aston Martin Played The Role Of A Villain

Yes, Guys! All the drama created by this two-seater left all the Nate and Jeffree fans in utter shock.

So Jeffree changed the title of the video from “Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car!” to “Pretending To Surprise My Ex-Boyfriend With His Dream Car!”.

He also changed the description and then removed it when fans started bombarding silly questions at him. And now the comments section is turned off on this video and the title is changed back to the previous one. What in the world is going on with these two?

Jeffree Shouldn’t Have Shaded Nathan After The Breakup Video

Jeffree mentioned in the video that the Aston Martin always belonged to him (only). And he can’t say much about the whole situation because of some security and legal issues.

Fans are speculating that the legal issues are related to Nate’s house in Michigan, the Aston Martin and Nate’s part in Jeffree’s business.

Someone Leaked Nathan Schwandt’s Explicit Picture

Fans started criticizing Nathan after Jeffree’s video “Updated house Tour! Being SINGLE and Quarantined”.

Following this, somebody made a fake account of Nathan on Instagram. And shared his explicit picture in the story along with one of Jeffree’s old photos.

The picture had the caption, “Let me know if I should get my adult film career going“.

Which is indeed a very pathetic and disgusting move.

I guess the person who made this fake account only wants Nate to hurt even more.

This is indeed a very horrible act of violating Nathan‘s privacy. And it’s going to affect both Nate and Jeffree in many ways. The two have already been going through a lot lately.

Nathan Schwandt Is Not Coming Slow

Nate posted a picture on his Instagram story, in reply to the leaked photo.

He might have been in a really bad situation but sometimes you just have to act like you don’t really care. Nathan also asked people to report the fake account. But it’s still there on Instagram.

The person with the fake account only has 338 followers. And he has the same profile picture as Nate’s.

Fake account

This one right here is Nathan‘s only account on Instagram.

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