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Who is Kiernan Shipka Dating? BJ Novak, Christian Coppola or Lukas Gage?

Who is Kiernan Shipka Dating? BJ Novak, Christian Coppola or Lukas Gage?

The ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ actress Kiernan Shipka has been in the headlines for a while after being rumored to be dating big names in Hollywood. However, some had proper evidence behind these claims, some were just based on rumors. Join us as we investigate what’s actually happening in Kiernan Shipka’s dating life.

Is Kiernan Shipka dating BJ Novak

We already covered this, and again we doubt it. Their relationship were based some sightings and rumors. BJ Novak and Kiernan Shipka were seen out and about at what seemed like two friends hanging out.

Kiernan Shipka BJ Novak Spotted

But they were nothing more than friends. No one confirmed or denied anything but they didn’t need to because the rumors died down pretty quickly. Plus, it would have been very odd because of their huge age difference. She’s 22 and he’s 40.

Moreover, it seems highly unlikely she would date him when she’s been romantically linked with Christian Coppola. If not that then Lukas Gage. Or maybe both?

This is strictly based on social media evidence, so we might probably be wrong. But hey, their flirty comments are hard to miss.

So, what’s going on?

Let’s first take a look at Kiernan Shipka and Christian Coppola

The two are of the same age and Coppola is the relative of the famous Coppola family. They were rumored to be dating because they posted really flirty pictures of each other.

And in March 2019, Kiernan Shipka first posted a picture of him along with Charlie Oldman (her rumored boyfriend at the time).

Then as you explore more of Kiernan Shipka’s Instagram profile, you’ll find a lot of romantic and sometimes steamy pictures of her alongside Christian Coppola.

christian coppola kiernan shipka instagram photo scaled Kiernan Shipka

And some other ones as well:

christian girl kiernan shipka coppola social media photo scaled Kiernan Shipka

Notice the caption, ladies and gentleman. This was posted on September 23rd and it says:

“I’m just a good Christian girl.”

This was a big hint that something romantic might be going on between Christian Coppola and Kiernan Shipka. There is other evidence as well.

christian kiernan stairs instagram picture Kiernan Shipka

But they actually started hanging out back in 2018, when Coppola posted a picture of Kiernan enjoying a burger on his Instagram and captioned:

 “Kiernan, former vegan.”

And another heartfelt post about how talented of an actress she is on Netflix’s ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’.

“Had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful set over the summer and am still in awe of how hard this girl works. Shadowing her during overnight shoots and watching how dedicated she is to bringing this character to life was both exhilarating and refreshing, and it inspired me to work harder myself. Bravo Kiernan and bravo @netflix for giving this role to the most deserving actress out there who also happens to be one of the most kind and compassionate people I’ve ever come across (in Hollywood and real life as well). Without you there is no Sabrina.” 

But here are some of their more romantic moments photographed for the Gram:

The one from their Rome trip in 2019:

kiernan shipka rome trip coppola Kiernan Shipka
kiernan christian romantic black and white photo Kiernan Shipka

Well, there’s plenty of evidence that the two were definitely in a serious relationship. She herself didn’t appear on Coppola’s Instagram account in 2020 much, but she did appear on it in December 2020 where she put on Carmela Soprano impersonation.

kiernan shipka as carmela soprano on coppola instagram Kiernan Shipka

But recently, Kiernan was seen getting flirty with Euphoria’s Lukas Gage as well

Look, after looking at Kiernan’s entire relationship history, I have a big hunch that she’s in a serious relationship with director Christian Coppola. And it’s still going strong.

romantic christian kiernan couples photo Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan captioned it with “partner in crime” and Coppola commented saying, “Always.” This was around 20th of November 2021. Her latest Instagram post!

Now, what confused me was this comment by Lukas Gage.

lukas gage calls kiernan shipka cheater Kiernan Shipka

So, Lukas Gage commented saying, “Welcome home cheater”. Naturally, I was confused! So, of course I did a little digging and found out something interesting.

On November 10th, Kiernan Shipka posted a birthday picture of herself and got a lovingly romantic comment by Lukas Gage.

kiernan shipka lukas gage romantic interaction Kiernan Shipka

The comment reads, “Your presence is a gift. I am crazy for u. we’ve just begun my love.” And next to it was an engagement ring emoji. And Kiernan replied saying:

kiernan romantic lukas Kiernan Shipka

There was another romantic comment by Gage in another of her Instagram photos:

lukas kiernan romantic instagram comments Kiernan Shipka

At this point, I’m more confused than I was in my high school mathematics paper. What in the world is happening Kiernan Shipka!?

Because a few days after this, Kiernan posted yet another steamy photo with Christian Coppola around 14th November:

Screen Shot 2021 11 18 at 4.58.46 PM Kiernan Shipka

Lukas Gage asks, “Who is he” under the comments. And now it seems like they’re clearly joking around. Gage asks “babe why aren’t you answering your phone???” and Kiernan replies saying, “in a professional business meeting can’t talk right now”.

And a point to be noted here is that the last picture Kiernan posted was with Christian Coppola and there has been no recent picture with Lukas Cage at all.

So, I’m just as lost as you are.

Perhaps, Kiernan Shipka is trying out that polyamory life like Bella Thorne is. Or maybe she’s just joking around and she’s still with Coppola. Or she’s moved on to Lukas Gage and is still close friends with Coppola?! Maybe she’s just close with both of them and is happy with her single life. I don’t know!? Honestly, I just hope she’s doing good.

But one thing is for sure, there is absolutely nothing going on between Kiernan Shipka and BJ Novak.

We’ll let you know if we find anything more on this complicated love triangle between Kiernan Shipka, Christian Coppola and Lukas Gage!

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