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What Would Happen If Dan And Jackie Married On The Conners

What Would Happen If Dan And Jackie Married On The Conners

Despite dismal ratings, The Conners does not fail to entertain its audience in any way.
In recent episodes, we have seen the Conner families’ political shift toward democracy. The Conners are also taking on religion and more taboo family subjects like divorce, single parenting, and dealing with the death of spouses.

The Conners have repeatedly seen in all the episodes it has aired until now that Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) has become an integral part of the Conner household and that she’s trying her best to fill in her late sister’s shoes. On the other hand, Dan (John Goodman) is convalescing from the death of his dearest one. The show will show Jackie and Dan moving ahead in life. But it remains obscure if the show would present them resettling in life.

Last Time On The Conners

In the last episode of The Conners, the audience of Jackie tries to help Dan through his emotional phase. While she failed miserably to bring Dan back to life, the audience appreciated her honest efforts. Jackie tried to talk to Dan about his behavior reasonably and was eager to listen to what he had to say. The original Roseanne did not specifically dwell on the relationship between Dan and Jackie, except for only in some episodes. The most memorable one was when Dan beat Jackie’s abusive boyfriend. Apart from that, Roseanne essentially showed Jackie and Dan as two dissimilar people who could not simply gel together.

A Friends-like Marriage Track Can Save The Conners

This idea lays the foundation for the fact that The Conners can go places if it eventually shows Dan and Jackie getting married. Now the audience may find this concept bizarre and ridiculous. But as they say, the stranger, the funnier. Jackie and Dan are strictly like chalk and cheese. The only thing that brings them together is the absence of a de facto love life. While Jackie often has romantic ventures, they fail horribly. Likewise, Dan is trying to deal with his significant loss by socializing with his friends and family. But obviously, they cannot make up for the absence of his wife.

The Conners will get a whole new direction with this utterly eccentric marriage. Just imagine Jakie reacting to her sudden, unanticipated marriage with Dan. Such a sequence would generate the giggles on the show that people tune in for in the first place. A track based on the lines of Ross and Rachel’s unexpected marriage from Friends can help the Conners go places by creating for it a new haven to explore.

The Comedy Quotient Will Soar Up

Jackie’s idiosyncrasies and Dan’s macho-ism are not things you would expect on the same plate. In the last episode of The Conners, we saw Jackie commenting on Dan’s card game. Dan and his friends, however, tried to cut Jackie off completely. If a marriage between them happens, avoiding each other would not be an option anymore.

And this would mean that we’ll constantly see Jackie and Dan at loggerheads. They will try to justify their own positions in their best comic style. Just imagine Darlene reacting to a sudden marriage between her widowed father and her crazy aunt.