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Watch Counterpart series Online for Free

Watch Counterpart series Online for Free

Where can I watch Contagion online for free? This question has been going viral since the CoronaVirus pandemic started spreading. However, a J.K. Simmons Starz show is another binge-watch option amid the COVID-19 outbreak and it is going viral as well. People are asking “where can I watch Counterpart series online for FREE?”

Counterpart Series Streaming Online

As the CoronaVirus outbreak locks up the world at home, the demand for online streaming has increased. Pandemic movies like Contagion, Outbreak and I Am Legend have raked in millions of views the past few days.

However, there’s another binge-watch alternative and its not a movie. J.K Simmons’ Counterpart (2017) delves deep into a fight between two parallel universes. One world devested by a COVID-19-like virus that blames our world for the epidemic. Everyone is eager to find out if they can watch Counterpart series online for free or not?”

As far as FREE online streaming is concerned, only piracy websites can serve you that but that’s not legal. There are better and more legal options available for Counterpart series online streaming. They allow you to watch free movies and TV shows online after a subscription fee.

Is Counterpart available on Netflix?

The J.K Simmons drama, mystery and Sci-fie show is not available on Netflix. Don’t lose hope though, Netflix is not the end of the world. Online streaming giants Amazon Prime and Starz app will give you access to your favorite movies shows. You can watch free movies online for free after a subscription fee and a monthly charge.

If you reside in the United States, you can stream and download the episodes online on the Starz app. There is a 7-day-free-trial followed by a monthly payment of $8.99.

Amazon Prime caters to the audience in the United Kingdom. UK audience can watch Counterpart series online for free for $12.99/month. Amazon Prime also offers a 30-day-free-trial for its users.

What is it about?

The story-line revolves around J.K Simmons’s efforts to keep things in control between his and another parallel dimension. Our twin world, struck by a CoronaVirus like epidemic blames ours for the devastation. J.K Simmons and his doppelganger from the other universe try to cool down the war of the worlds.

Counterpart series also stars Game of Thrones Harry Lloyd and Olivia Williams (Rushmore 1998). It is created by Justin Marks of Top Gun: Maverick 2020.

Let us know if you found the J.K Simmons movie interesting and share your favorite pandemic movie in our comments section.