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WandaVision collected four awards at Sunday’s MTV Movies and TV Awards

WandaVision collected four awards at Sunday’s MTV Movies and TV Awards

Marvel comics spinoff “WandaVision” ruled at the MTV Movies and TV Awards this Sunday night by winning four awards.

WandaVision wins four awards at MTV Awards

Due to the pandemic, the show was put on pause but after a year it returned at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles due to its popular demand. Scarlet Johansson and Sacha baron got special awards for their amazing contributions to the film industry. In the gender-neutral individual categories, Elizabeth Olsen (WandaVision star) won the best performance in a show for her portrayal of scarlet witch. Fans were so thrilled to see her get this award and she totally deserved it.

While collecting her award at MTV Awards, she said:

“Marvel fans, you guys are just the greatest fans anyone can ever have and I’ve loved playing this part for seven years”.

The Disney + series “WandVision” was voted the best series in fan-voted Awards. The show basically gives starring roles to supporting superhero characters like WandaVision. This is not it. WandaVision won many awards at The MTV Movies and TV awards.

The third award was won by Kathryn Hahn. Our queen took home the golden popcorn statuette for her role as the best villain. She played the role of a neighbor named “Agatha” in WandaVision, speaking of which, WandaVision also won an award for the popular best fight trophy between Agatha and Wanda.

Hahn, who played Agatha in the movie said the whole thing was “very ironic” as she loves Olsen so much! And in return, Olsen cheekily replied that they may have won Best Kiss Award because they love each other so much.

Elizabeth and Kathryn play the fight at MTV Awards

Elizabeth and Kathryn played the fight they had in the movie. They were accepting the best fights award for WandaVision. They were acting out how the fight would’ve actually looked like without any help of stunt doubles. Elizabeth’s husband also pranked her by getting slime all over her while she was accepting the generation award. How cute is that?