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Vlog Squad's Jeff Wittek denies involvement in Durte Dom sexual assault case

Vlog Squad’s Jeff Wittek denies involvement in Durte Dom sexual assault case

These days have been very eventful for the Vlog Squad with one of the former members being accused of committing sexual assault. A 20-year-old woman made the allegation that Durte Dom (Dominykas Zeglaitis) raped her while she was drunk. The woman also stated that she and her friends who were not of legal drinking age were supplied drinks by adult vlog squad members. Of the people named are Jeff Wittek and Todd Smith. Now, Wittek is denying that he had any involvement in this case.

The sexual assault case against Durte Dom

During the night of the sexual assault, Durte Dom invited over a group of young girls to their apartment. Initially, there were most of the Vlog Squad members there. David Dobrik, Jason Nash, Durte Dom, Jonah (Nick Antonyan), Trisha Paytas, Jeff Wittek, Todd Smith, and Alx Earnst.

The girls weren’t sure that they were supposed to have a sexual encounter with Durte Dom and in the original vlog, David says that they all were reluctant to do so.

However, someone brought in alcohol and as per Trisha, David asked Jeff Wittek and Todd Smith to bring alcohol to ‘loosen the girls up’. A friend of the victim also alleges that she remembers Wittek and Todd Smith bringing the alcohol into the apartment.

In the vlog, Dobrik says,

“For a couple of minutes talking to them it was clear to us that the fivesome was not happening tonight but by a stroke of luck and master negotiating Dom made progress.”

After they were drunk, the girls had a sexual encounter with Durte Dom. In the vlog, it’s presented as consensual and a threesome. But the girl now told Insider that it was not with her consent because she was too intoxicated.

Durte Dom didn’t let her leave either and her friends had to step in to get her out and even clothe her. The girl couldn’t even put on her own clothes because she kept vomiting as she was so drunk.

Jeff Wittek was present in the original vlog

In the vlog, there was Jonah, Todd, and Jeff outside the room where the “threesome” is apparently taking place. Jonah and Jeff even went in to see what was happening. The girl later told Insider tells that a few of Dom’s friends did come inside to take a peek but she couldn’t remember who they were. Jeff Wittek went inside to ‘do a headcount’ with him saying,

“All right, we got three in there”.

Moreover, there were some parts of the Vlog that were filmed the next day when she had left the apartment. There’s a clip where Dom is shirtless and sweaty and is talking about how he had a threesome saying, ‘I just had my first threesome. Thanks, David”.

In the ending part of the vlog, Dobrik says “Dom just had a threesome and I think we’re all going to jail” and then laughs.

Jeff Wittek had an argument with Trisha Paytas on Twitter where he denied supplying alcohol to the girls

A heated argument took place on Twitter between Trisha Paytas and Jeff Wittek. Wittek denied that he had any involvement in supplying alcohol to the group of girls on the day the assault happened. This was in response to when Trisha called him out for suppling the drinks.

Jeff Wittek Trisha Paytas Twitter Exchange

Jeff Wittek tweeted out saying that he did not buy ‘anything for anyone’. And furthermore that he can prove that by going to any extent possible.

Trisha Paytas called him out and said there were underage girls getting alcohol and how the girls were hesitant at first and they had to be ‘convinced’ for a sexual encounter they did not want to do. She points out that he was present at the start and end of the vlog.

To that Wittek explains that he was only there for fifteen minutes and that all the accusations Trisha made against him are false.

After the Twitter exchange with Trisha Paytas, Jeff Wittek made a post addressing the situation

In the tweets, Wittek says that his heart ‘goes out entirely to the victim’ and that he’s apologetic that the situation ever happened. He further says that he wasn’t aware of what was happening and that he doesn’t condone the ‘disgusting actions’ that Dom had committed.

Jeff Wittek further adds that if he knew a girl hadn’t given her consent to have the sexual encounter, he would have stopped it right away. He just was under the impression that it was all consensual.

Jeff Wittek Statement on Dorte Dom Assault

And later he again reiterated that he had ‘absolutely nothing to do’ with the events that took place that night. He denied buying alcohol and added that he respects women and wouldn’t allow such actions to happen to them.

Jeff Wittek Vlog Squad Scandal

David Dobrik has addressed the situation as well

Meanwhile, David Dobrik has a made an apology video saying that “consent is something important to him”.

“I love being able to make people happy for a living. That’s all that I want to do. That being said, consent is something that’s super important to me. Whether I’m shooting with a friend or a stranger, I always make sure I have the approval from that person. There’ve been moments where I’ve looked back on videos and I’ve realized these don’t represent me anymore. They’re hurtful to other people.”

He also condemned Dom’s actions and says he has distanced himself from him because their views don’t align together anymore.

“With people in my life that I don’t film with anymore, like Dom, I chose to distance myself. I don’t align with some of the actions, I don’t stand for any misconduct. I’ve been really disappointed by some of my friends. For that reason, I’ve separated from a lot of them.”

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