Vinnie Hacker Shares He Was Sexually Assaulted When He Was 16

Vinnie Hacker Shares He Was Sexually Assaulted When He Was 16

Hype House member Vinnie Hacker shared a personal story on the Harry Jowsey’s Tap In Podcast. He opened up a lot about his life in Hype House, his recent fight with Deji where he won in the ‘TikTokers Vs. YouTubers’ match and some traumatic incidents in his life.

Hype House member Vinnie Hacker opened up about his sexual assault on Harry Jowsey’s Tap In Podcast

Vinnie Hacker and Harry Jowsey were discussing the Netflix reality show ‘Hype House’ and they talked about the subsequent drama that came. They didn’t name any names but they were alluding to the Jack Wright and Sienna Mae Gomez incident. Jack Wright alleged that Sienna Mae Gomez sexually assaulted him numerous times. Gomez denies the allegations and claims she was in love with him and that he only used her for content. However, Wright is standing by his allegations.

While talking about that, Vinnie Hacker talked about how it’s much harder for male victims of sexual assault to come out with their stories. So, he was proud of Jack for coming out with his story. Vinnie also revealed, shockingly, that he was also sexually assaulted when he was 16 by a much older woman:

“You got to be a brave a** dude to do that too. A lot of people and like I’m not invalidating anybody else. I’m not invalidating like women or anything. But like a lot of males like don’t come out with their stories and [sh*t] like that you know. Like for me like I’ve said it before. I was 16, I got sexually assaulted by a 26 year old when I was 16. I lost my virginity to a 26 year old when i was 16.”

Vinnie Hacker also added that people around him painted it out to be a cool thing to lose virginity to an older woman but he knew that something wrong had happened:

“For a while I didn’t know it. You know, because I was kind of like I was stuck in my own mindset. Because people were feeding it to me like, ‘Oh, dude that was sick! Like you got with like an old lady’. And I was like ‘Oh okay, yeah it’s sick.’ And then I realized like you know later. I was like ‘That’s not okay at all.'”

Harry Jowsey asked Vinnie if he had spoken up about this incident to anyone else. Vinnie shared that he had but he doesn’t let it weigh him down:

“Just like it’s not something that I like to get deep into because I feel like the more that I like get deep into it and sulk about it, the more that it like becomes like a problem mentally. That’s why like obviously for a little bit when I first had like realized it and actually like thought about it was hurting for a little bit. But then after a while you know it’s just like it’s something that you can [talk about]. It takes a lot to get comfortable talking about. But once you do get comfortable talking about it. It’s like not it’s not the craziest deal to talk about it. Like I’m comfortable with like saying that.”

Vinnie Hacker also shared that his past shaped him up to be the way he is now. He called it the ‘The Butterfly Effect’, and if some things had not happened to him in the past, he not might be at a place where is now.

Huge influencers like Vinnie Hacker and Jack Wright opening up about their sexual assault will undoubtedly help more male victims of sexual assault to get the courage to open up.

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673) or visit their website to receive confidential support.

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