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Vin Diesel's New Movie 'Bloodshot' Will Release One Month Late

Vin Diesel’s New Movie ‘Bloodshot’ Will Release One Month Late

Vin Diesel Bloodshot Is About A Husband Seeking Vengeance

‘Bloodshot’, starring Vin Diesel, is about the murder of a guy and his wife. Somehow, a corporation called RST is able to fully revive Vin Diesel’s character back from the dead using nanotechnology. And so, begins the search to find his wife’s murderers. The trailer hints that perhaps the killers are the guys working in RST themselves. You can watch the trailer below:

Vin Diesel

Bloodshot receives an amazing ability of selfheal and super strength, because of the same nanotech. We believe that RST is behind the murder of his wife because it is quickly shown that they are manipulating him to kill their own enemies. They are running a dream simulation that triggers Bloodshot, aka Ray Garrison.

Release Date Is Now March 2020

Right now there is not much to say about why did Sony decide to push back the release date. However, we now will get to see Vin Diesel’s new comic book movie alongside Dave Bautista’s ‘My Spy’.

As the director and producers hope for positive results to Valiant Comics’ characters, we now will have to wait a few more weeks before we decide if Vin Diesel’s movie was worth the wait.