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Video Shows Lizzo Asking Chris Brown For Picture, Saying He's Her "Favorite Person In The World"

Video shows Lizzo asking Chris Brown for picture, saying he’s her “favorite person in the world”

Recently, a video of Lizzo went viral where she is fangirling over Chris Brown. However, it did not sit well with people and they called her out.

There’s no denying that Lizzo is an incredible musician. In a short period of time, she has proved her mettle and made a name for herself in the music industry. At the same time, she inspires others to live unapologetically. However, she is also known for being quite forward with other celebrities. Previously, her virtual and imaginary love affair with Chris Evans went viral. Recently, a video of her with Chris Brown emerged. In the video, she can be seen calling him her favorite person. Needless to say, the internet came at her for praising an abuser.

Despite being an award-winning singer, Chris Brown has a history of abuse.

In 2009, he assaulted Rihanna and faced battery charges. The couple was dating back then. After attending the pre-Grammy party, Brown and Rihanna argued. This led to him beating her. Shortly after, pictures of her bruised face circulated on the internet. Due to this, the Say Goodbye singer had to complete six years of probation. Although this incident gained popularity, it is not the only one. Since then, several women have accused him of assaults, including his manager, Nancy Ghosh. Despite his violent history, Lizzo fangirling over him feels like a betrayal.

Recently, a video of Lizzo emerged where she met Chris Brown.

In the video, Lizzo and Chris Brown are standing in a corridor. Along with them, there are many other people as well. Similarly, everyone is chattering loudly and happily. However, Lizzo addresses Brown and says he is her favorite person in the world. At the same time, she poses with him for a picture. When another woman tries to be in the picture, Lizzo scolds her to move away. Throughout this time, Chris Brown is smiling and looks happy.

Shortly after the video went viral, people shared their reactions and came after Lizzo.

Since the beginning, Lizzo has been a champion of girl power. At the same time, she believes in supporting other female artists. Therefore, Lizzo praising Brown felt weird. After the video went viral, people had a lot to say. According to one Instagram user:

I better not hear her talking about “girls supporting girls” when her “favorite person in the world” physical ab*sed Rhianna.

Meanwhile, another claimed:

Damm she clout chasing hard

After watching Lizzo and Chris Brown’s video, another said:

How do people forget that he literally beat up a woman?? Rihanna

On the other hand, one user called Lizzo, an ‘industry feminist.’

Damn, another industry “feminist” who support an abusive man? Shocker

Needless to say, people were not happy; one follower said:

Stand for something or fall for anything. Get some self-respect, ladies. So what, he’s an entertainer. He’s a woman abuser.

Despite the adverse reaction from people, Lizzo has not commented. However, we need an explanation from the Rumors singer.

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