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A video showing Jason Nash bragging about his 10-yr-old son’s private parts is still not removed by David Dobrik

After his public apology following the Durte Dom article, David Dobrik has been busy cleaning his YouTube channel. There have been many controversial videos and his team is trying to cleanse everything. However, even after deleting “2.321 Billion views” worth of videos from YouTube, there are still some controversial videos left. And people are still digging these videos to see the level of controversial content. One of such vlogs has Jason Nash and David Dobrik discussing Jason’s son’s “package”. What makes these adult jokes controversial is the fact that his son was just 10-years-old at that time. (and now 14).

David Dobrik and Jason Nash shouldn’t have done this

In David’s vlog # 318 dated August 7, 2017, the vlog should never have these scenes included. i.e. Jason Nash bragging about his then-10-years-old son’s private parts. The vlog, We Shouldn’t be Showing You This, really should not be present on the internet at all.

In the vlog, David asked Jason to look at Toddy Smith’s p*nis and report back to them. In response, Toddy asked if he really had to do this. Jason said:

Just show me your p*nis. I’ve a f*cking son. I’ve f*cking seen it all the time.

David Dobrik and Josh Peck started laughing at it while calling it “eww”. Meanwhile, Jason said that his son is huge.

my son’s p*nis is, like, bigger than mine.

Toddy Smith responded to this statement by saying that he did not want to do this [read: show his p*nis] anymore. To which, Jason said:

All I’m saying is that I’ve a son. I’ve seen p*nises. I’m a f*cking old man.

David laughingly called him out on his statement that Jason was just making it all worse by dragging this discussion. But still, David Dobrik asked Jason:

You’re saying that your 10-year-old son has a huge p*nis.

And Jason Nash confirmed it as “Giant”.

I mean, God bless him. I’m so happy for him.

And then, the joke got worse. David Dobrik asked Jason Nash when he found out about his son’s size. Jason responded with a hand gesture and said out loud that when he came out [when he was born].

They actually pulled him out with his c*ck.

They started discussing Jason Nash’s father’s side, and Jason [probably being serious, hard to tell] asked David to cut this all from the vlog:

Maybe we should keep it out of the vlog. Cause he’s starting middle school soon. And I don’t want people to call him names.

Josh Peck sarcastically said: “yeah, I would hate to walk in the school and be known as the “big d*ck dude”.

S*xualizing a 10-year-old?

While their intentions were just to make adult jokes out of everything, Jason Nash and David Dobrik ended up doing something that can be classified as “s*xualizing”. Unfortunately, this modern era is making this issue more common than it should be.

Jason Nash son

As narrated by The Heritage Foundation, premature s*xualization leads to children becoming the casualties of adult exploitation.

In the article, The Heritage Foundation confirmed that this issue is only spreading more. American children are also being targeted for s*xual images, themes and messages. And we’ve all seen it happening on TikTok and the internet. In fact, a few influencers are being called out for texting their younger fans inappropriately.

The Heritage Foundation reports:

Our culture is saturated with s*xual content that was once considered too risqué for children, and social media has accelerated the spread of p*rnography to young viewers.

Social media is becoming easy for s*x traffickers and predators to hunt children and start child grooming. If it comes from the children’s favorite influencers, it will affect them more. And not in a good sense.

A child’s brain is still developing at age 10 or even after the child hits puberty. Private parts of children should never be made a part of any sort of content by content creators, even if it’s their own children. Parents need to be more careful about it.

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