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Vampire Diaries creator is making another show about Vampires!

The creator of the famous TV show “Vampire Diaries” announced that she is working on a new show “Vampire Academy” which is pretty similar to Vampire Diaries. Vampire Academy is a series of six graphic novels written by an American author “Richelle Mead”. The novel tells us the story of a girl Rose Hathaway who is training to be a guardian of her best friend Vasilisa (Lissa) Dragomir. The first book in the series was released in 2007, titled “Vampire Academy”. It was followed by a second book “Frostbite” which was published in 2008. The last and sixth book “Lat Sacrifice” was released in 2010. The Vampire Academy series has sold more than eight million copies in 35 countries.

NBC’S streaming service just asked to make a straight-to-series adaption of the books. Fans of Vampire Academy novels will be very excited to hear this news.

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NBC hire former co-producer of Vampire Diaries

Peacock (a streaming app for NBC Universal) will be teaming up with the producer of Vampire Diaries “Julie Plec’. With the help of Julie, Peacock will be bringing the books to the TV. Peacock made a right choice by asking Julie to produce the upcoming show. She is the right choice because she has also co-produced Vampire Diaries. The names Vampire Diaries and Vampire Academy are pretty much similar so it should not be very hard to work on. Julie has been producing paranormal content for young adults and starring young creators since 2009. She also worked on Roswell, Legacies and New Mexico. Peacock has not announced a release date yet but we are excited and hope they release it soon enough.

Fans reaction to this news

People are obviously very excited to see another Vampire related show. Vampire Academy novel fans are especially over-excited. Julie announced the news of her working on this new project on May 19th on her Twitter account. But many people have shown disappointment because they think Julie is not a good producer. Many Twitter users made memes on this topic as well.

I mean leave it to Twitter to give us a good laugh.

Some people think she’s not a good producer because she couldn’t do justice with the Vampire diaries as well.

Well, we personally think Vampire Diaries’ production was amazing. Anyways, let us know in the comments down below if you are excited about Vampire Academy coming to your screens in a couple of months or maybe next year.

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