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Upscale sex club Snctm putting others at risk with or*y party?

Upscale sex club Snctm putting others at risk with or*y party?

Have you guys ever heard about the upscale s*x club ‘Snctm’? Obviously, you haven’t because everyone in their right mind wouldn’t know if these kinds of clubs actually exist. We all thought movies like Fifty Shades Of Grey and 365 Days are unrealistic and fictitious. But what I came across the other day just proved that our perceptions could be wrong. I mean they are wrong because Snctm is one of the most famous night & s-x clubs of all time. It was initially founded by Damon Lawner who hosted many private s-x parties in U.S. And celebrities like Bill Maher and Gwyneth Paltrow have also made an appearance in these parties.

Oh, and Damon Lawner also made a docuseries on his private s-x club by the name of Nak-d Snctm. Which gives an insight into the private club and all the high-profile black-tie masquerades, high-end-org* parties, and much more.

The club has been now sold to a label named ‘The Circle’. And they are all set to throw a massive Black-Death theme Halloween party by the end of this month.

Snctm is all set to make highlights with their upcoming Halloween Black Death theme party

A lot of unauthorized sources claimed that Snctm is throwing private s*x parties from the past month. And now they are planning to throw a Halloween party on the 30th of October in NYC.


I think five hours are more than enough to enjoy an org* Halloween party that too with an all-black death theme. I don’t know about you guys, but I am very curious about this whole private s*x club thing. Which is giving people an option to explore and fulfill their next level sex*al desires.

But it is dangerous amid a pandemic…

A lot of people are concerned about Snctm throwing org* parties at the time of COVID-19. They will be putting the lives of private s*x club members in danger if they show clumsiness in following the COVID-19 SOPs.

A spokesperson told Page Six that there will be a quick testing of members at the entrance through temperature readers and Sofia Sars Antigen quick swabs.

Well, we don’t really know if members will be able to keep six feet distance from each other in an Or*y Halloween party. But we can only hope that they are smart enough to strictly follow the SOPs.

Let us know in the comments down below if you want to know more about Snctm and their docuseries.

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