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Tyler Oakley landlord status getting him canceled makes no sense

Coronavirus has everyone holed up in their houses with not much to do but scroll on the internet. Interestingly, that’s what celebrities are doing as well. Some are doing random Q&A sessions on Instagram Live like Sophie Turner. Meanwhile, influencers like Tyler Oakley are sharing personal details about their life. Tyler Oakley just came out as a landlord. And he’s getting a lot of a backlash for it.

Landlords are being scapegoated as the villains during the coronavirus pandemic

Tyler Oakley Landlord Tweet

So, these days, coronavirus has forced the whole world to go into quarantine mode. For some people, that means they cannot go out and work their jobs. As a result, many are losing their jobs and source of income. Hence, they cannot make rent on time. Some landlords are being considerate of the situation and doing a ‘rent freeze’ which means that the rent rate is not increased and is fixed at its current rate. Some are even not taking the rent for these difficult months where they’re rentees are unemployed and don’t have enough money.

A Twitter user was highlighting this point. Along with this, she was explaining how it doesn’t make sense to paint all the landlords as immoral and evil. Tyler Oakley seems to resonate with the tweet and said that he feels like he’s bad just because he’s a landlord.

Twitter tried to cancel Tyler Oakley because he’s a landlord

Suddenly, a lot of people came after Tyler Oakley with a lot of negativity. They started to cancel him, weirdly enough.

Why Tyler Oakley should not be canceled for this

While it is normal for everyone to suddenly hating the rich and wealthy in society, with a newfound passion, you can’t hate someone for merely owning property.

Those who own money will use that wealth to grow it, Tyler Oakley is a popular YouTuber and influencer that shares positive messages to society. The fact that he’s also a keen businessman doesn’t change that fact. After all, he worked hard for that money.


The socialist supporters will be quick to say that he was advantaged by being white and being born in a good household. Is everyone forgetting he’s an openly gay man that has faced many problems and discrimination for it?

His life wasn’t as hard as some members of society, and that’s certainly unfair, but it doesn’t mean that Tyler Oakley did not work at all. He worked hard and is now using his force for good. So canceling him just because he’s a landlord makes as 0 sense as us Donald Trump calling the coronavirus the ‘Chinese Virus’.

Tyler Oakley is a well-loved activist

For starters, he’s an openly gay YouTuber that inspires many fans out there to live their truth. In fact, he’s an LGBTQ activist that strives hard to decrease the suicide rate in the LGBTQ community. That’s why he has partnered up with the Trevor Project and actively supports their causes. The Trevor Project aims to empower LGBTQ teens and prevent them from committing suicide.

Not only that, but Tyler Oakley has raised thousands of dollars for the Trevor Project. On his birthday, Tyler ended up raising $525,704 for the organization.

This is why Tyler Oakley supports the organization:

“Every day I hear from young people all around the world who are going through their own challenging moments in life. Although I try to offer my advice and support to as many as I can, having The Trevor Project to refer them to is life-saving. Their trained staff and volunteers are able to provide help and support in ways the average person can’t.”

Now, does it make sense for anyone to cancel him for just being a landlord? I personally don’t think so. What about you guys? Let us know in the comments below.