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Tyler Oakley Collaborates with 9-Year-Old Activist Austin Hammonds

Tyler Oakley Collaborates with 9-Year-Old Activist Austin Hammonds

Tyler Oakley, the famous LGBTQ rights activist, and Youtuber is hitting the mainstream and social media for the cutest reason. Tyler introduced Austin Hammonds, a 9-year old activist, in a tweet. The two are collaborating for a far-fetched project of bringing Donald Trump down. I am not sure which is cuter – the activist or his mission.

Austin was seen earlier holding an amusingly simple yet honest hand-written sign saying, “Donald Trump is very weird”. Truer words haven’t been spoken in the USA in quite a while.

Tyler Oakley promotes the young activist

Anyhow, Tyler Oakley saw Austin’s pictures and was inspired to find the little cutie. The two are now collaborating to collect money for Austin’s college and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) by selling T-shirts with Austin’s picture and message. Tyler shared the details in the following tweet;

Introducing: Austin Hammonds, activist, age 9. In collaboration with his family, two shirts are now available (until Oct14) with 100% of the proceeds going to the NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund & the Austin Hammonds College Fund.

The shirts are available in various colors and sizes on Bonfire for $33.99 apiece on the website. With elections just around the corner; Activist Tyler Oakley got an incredible response from the public and following that more than 900 shirts were bought within hours of his tweet.

People are calling it their favorite new shirt and appreciating the adorable mind behind the design of the sign. People outside the USA are also joining the cause.

I will buy one but only wear it in my house.

-A follower from Australia tweeted.

The sale is still on for another 11 days. Go and grab your shirt before the stock runs out and support the honorable cause of the smallest politically active person on the planet. We appreciate Tyler Oakley using his status as an activist for better causes!