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Tyler Oakley Asks People On Grindr To Vote

Tyler Oakley took it to the social networking app that gay people use- Grindr to urge people to vote in the US midterms this time.

For all those who aren’t aware of it, let’s establish what Grindr is. Tyler Oakley claims that it is a social networking application that allows a gay person to connect with another gay person. And Oakley decided to use this platform to urge people to vote. Now those who are aware of how things go on Grindr, you must know that everything’s out into the open. People are not afraid to ask for pictures of any kind. Maybe that’s why Tyler Oakley felt it was the perfect way to urge more people to get out and vote this time.

Primarily, there are two types of Grindr accounts. One is a free one while the other a premium one where you can change your location and can contact people around the country. Tyler decided to keep switching his location to swing districts and swing states. The first person that Tyler Oakley found told him that he as doing pretty well and horny. But well, we all know why Tyler was on Grindr in the first place. He was just going to ask people to vote in the elections. And so, Tyler told the person to text POLLS to a given number and find out more about his polling position. 

Tyler Oakley continued his mission sending out different messages to different people. But all related to either polling or voting. And in fact, he met some smart ones too who had already voted. Not just that, but with one person Tyler even asked him to reach out to 5 more people and ask them to send POLLS to the given number. He told him that getting involved was his duty. And that if he is eligible to vote, it is his right and his duty.

Tyler Oakley chose a unique path for his efforts. But well, he added a lot!

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