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Twitch Star Alinity Does Nip Slip And Is Still Not Banned

Twitch Star Alinity Does N*p Slip And Is Still Not Banned

Another day and another time Alinity avoided Twitch ban. The immortal goddess of Twitch seems to have no ends to her power. Or perhaps Twitch does not have any power when it comes to the world of Alinity and her live streams. Sort of reminds us of a sick King Theoden when Gandalf visits him. ‘You have no power here’, Alinity would say to the regulatory authorities. This time, the powerful streamer is back in hot waters for displaying an ‘accidental’ n*p slip and still not getting banned. Then again, why would they ever do that to her?

Alinity Still Not Getting Banned For Her ‘Oopsie’

Alinity is famous for her wardrobe malfunctions and still getting away with them. The girl has literally shown her behinds and managed to steer clear from a Twitch ban. Interestingly, not everyone can enjoy this type of incentive. There have been numerous, even countless, occasions where male and other female streamers have gotten in similar accidental situations. Unfortunately, Alinity is not their user ID and so they had to face streaming bans ranging from 7 days to 30 days.

For Keemstar, he is not surprised by how things are going so well for Alinity and her Twitch streams. Take a look at what happened:

If you need a clear vision of this ‘accident’ then, take a look at this picture.

The thing is that when we say that Alinity will not be getting banned on Twitch, we are certain. If you are still asking why then perhaps take a look at this post. Alinity has previously shown her behind on camera too. She was still not banned.

Without any doubt, this will just be another incident that happens to come and go from Alinity’s life. She has been rude to her cat on a live stream, tossing her aside and she has been doing these kinds of ‘activities’. Still, the biggest streaming service will not put her down. Interestingly, Twitch even refuses to pass a statement about their action or lack of.

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