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Tuscaloosa | Plot, Cast, Release Date

Tuscaloosa | Plot, Cast, Release Date

Tuscaloosa movie will soon be running in cinemas near you. The drama film has been much hyped and many of us had been anticipating it. Directed by Philip Harder who also co-wrote the riveting story, we are sure it’s a must-watch. If you’re interested, keep reading to know about the plot, the cast, and watch the trailer.

Tuscaloosa movie

Tuscaloosa is based on the novel of the same name, written by Glasgow Phillips.

The story revolves around Billy Mitchell who is a 22 years old college graduate about to enter high society. He spends the summer on the grounds of a mental institution run by his father who is a psychiatrist. Here, he meets a patient, Virginia, who is possibly crazy. But it turns out she’s the only sane person in Billy’s world and eyes.

The movie is based on the 1972  Vietnam war protests and racial tension in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Another plot of the story is when Billy’s best friend Nigel gets involved in a civil rights terrorism movement against the elite, which includes Billy’s father.

Now Billy has to choose between his father, his best friend, and the one he loves, Virginia, who is planning to escape the place.


The role of Billy Mitchell is played by Diary Of A Wimpy Kid actor Devon Bostick. Tate Donovan plays the role of his father. Stranger Things actress Natalia Dyer is in the role of Virginia. And Marchant Devis is acting as Billy’s best friend, Nigel.

The cast also includes Ella Rae Peck, Nathan Phillips, Birgundi Baker, Bruce Bohn, Kiley Juckel, James Craven, Paul Cram, and Valerie Rose.

Patrick Riley and Philip Harder wrote the movie.

Release Date

The movie is finally set to release on March 13, 2020. So we don’t have much longer to wait.

Tuscaloosa Movie Trailer

If you’re already anticipating watching the movie like we are. Then the official trailer will excite you even more. Watch it down below:


Tuscaloosa is next on our watch list and we’ll share our review as soon as we get to catch it after the release.