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The Truth Behind Aaron Carter & Trisha Paytas’ PDA & Post Deletion?

The Labor Day weekend is over. And so are the rumors of The New Hottie Couple Aaron Carter & Trisha Paytas. Both of them have a history and a month back Trisha Paytas was blaming Aaron Carter for hooking up with her while he was still dating someone else. A few days back, Trisha Paytas tweeted about Aaron Carter and how glad she was for reconnecting with him. People thought she is high and looking for some clout again. But, apparently, they really have reconnected. They were even witnessed showing PDA by kissing each other on Aaron Carter’s Live Instagram Chat. As a matter of fact, Trisha also posted her PDA pic on Instagram with Aaron Carter’s tag and a ring as the caption. Now that gives an image of engagement. But, when it comes to both Aaron Carter and Trisha Paytas, you never know what is going on actually. Because, well, Trisha deleted that post as usual.

Aaron Carter & Trisha Paytas | Intimacy Level 101

Okay, where to begin? Apparently, Trisha & Aaron spent the Labor Day weekend together. They were driving around, Aaron was live on his Instagram Channel (he mostly stays ‘live’ there).  Both of them sparked romance and relationship rumors when they kissed LIVE (it was different than JC’s dad) and even started talking about a future, discussing male private parts, etc, etc. Considering their history, this was totally unexpected by their followers and fans. Some started rooting for the couple while some were warning Trisha to stay away from Aaron. Apparently, Jason Nash was better than him (as per fans…and they dislike Jason as well). Trisha Paytas also posted some behind-the-scenes video clips on her Instagram Stories including Aaron Carter sleeping with his head on her chest.

Trisha deleted the picture in few hours whereas Aaron Carter addressed the rumors on his Twitter handle.

Well, a day before these tweets, his teaser got the fans ready.

After Aaron tweeted about being single, Trisha Paytas started teasing media.

Weird. She still has not deleted the 29th August tweets where she tagged Aaron Carter to wake up because they were supposed to film a sex tape together.

Why Were They Together Anyways?

They are not dating. Probably just having fun, being friends with benefits, but not dating. I Come With A Proof And A Theory. And theory first, we will be having a video soon on Trisha Paytas YouTube channel. It can be a music collaboration, just another Mukbang, a friendly banter or some fun moments from their time together. Or he might be donating his sperms for her baby. (Uh-oh). Although her fans already believe that Aaron Carter made her delete that picture. That’s so unlike Trisha as she deleted her post without exposing him (yet).

On the other hand, the proof is, Trisha Paytas posted a picture on her Instagram Story with the caption “I vlogged yesterday…should I post it??”.

The picture shows Trisha Paytas, Aaron Carter and Ralph Ramirez (Someone from Best Buy). The post is gone from Ralph Ramirez’s Instagram handle. However, another one is still available on his Instagram stories. So, Trisha Paytas really shot a Vlog with Carter. Will she share that Vlog or keep it under covers. Will Carter let her post that video? We’ll find out soon.

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