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Tristan Thompson’s Alleged Baby Mommy Maralee Nichols’s Instagram Claims Are Not Actually Hers As Per Maralee’s Cousin

So, this story just got more interesting. Tristan Thompson is currently facing quite a lot of drama as he cheated on Khloé Kardashian again with his personal trainer Maralee Nichols. Now, Tristan Thompson’s baby mommy had his, you know baby. Even though there are claims made where Tristan allegedly paid $75,000 in hush money to get Maralee to get an abortion. But there’s no one to deny or confirm any of those claims. We just know that the real Maralee Nichols is suing Tristan Thompson for child support. However, there have been multiple fake accounts under the name of Maralee who are spreading false rumors too.

There was one big claim made where the fake account of Maralee shared that Drake and Kylie Jenner slept together last year. Moreover, there was also the claim that Tristan Thompson was giving a promise to leave Khloé for her.

We already confirmed that there was something off about the Instagram accounts that were making these claims in our last article.

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The two main fake accounts claiming to be Maralee Nichols

Maralee Nichols Fitness Instagram Account

There are two main accounts claiming to be Maralee. One is ‘maraleenicholsfitness_’ and one is ‘maraleenicole’. The ‘maraleenicholsfitness_’ account has a fake text exchange with Tristan and a picture of an ultrasound of the alleged baby. This account was also the one making the multiple fake claims that Tristan was going to start a relationship with her and the Drake sleeping with Kylie Jenner rumor. She shared that on her Instagram stories:

Tristan Thompson baby mommy kylie jenner slept with Drake claim

Now, there is ‘maraleenicole’, with an equally suspicious Instagram account. One picture of hers is of herself and one is of a supposed newborn baby. Apart from that, there are multiple pictures of just black squares, the first one dated to January 30th.

Maralee Nicole Instagram Account Picture

On her Instagram Stories, she’s trying to expose another fake account also claiming to be impregnated with Tristan Thompson:

maraleenichols story instagram baby
fake story dm exchange tristan thompson baby mommas

Now, there is another account by the name of ‘maraleenicole.fakee’, who claims to be the real Maralee’s cousin. She wants to expose all the fake accounts who are apparently using fake baby images

maraleenicole fake account by her cousin Maralee

She posted pictures of the some of the fake accounts we already mentioned above. Maralee’s cousin shared that the baby pictures the accounts were using were from Google images.

fake page using fake baby maralee nichol Maralee

Fake Baby Google Image Tristan Thompson Scandal

She exposed another account that was using a baby Google image. This account was the ‘maraleenicholsfitness_’ one:

maralee nichols fake Maralee
fake baby google image maralee Maralee

And Maralee’s alleged cousin also shared the profile of the real Maralee Nichols:

maralee nichols real instagram account Maralee

We’re not sure if this is indeed the real Maralee Nichols and whether it is actually her cousin that is exposing fake accounts. But there is something definitely suspicious going on with the many accounts that are popping up under the same name.

Neither Tristan Thompson nor Khloé Kardashian have directly addressed this scandal. But Khloe is reportedly very upset over the whole situation as she was very much committed to Tristan.

We’ll let you know when we hear anything else. Stay tuned!

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