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Trisha Paytas’s wedding invitation woke Gabi DeMartino up by making loud noises

At the end of this year, Trisha Paytas is getting married to their fiancé, Moses Hacmon. According to the YouTuber, they will have a destination wedding, a local wedding in LA, and a year-long honeymoon. Similarly, their wedding invitations are also over the top. In a box, there is a snow globe that lights up and the background music of Twilight. Recently, Gabi DeMartino shared a video of the invitation, claiming it woke her up.

Although they’re enemies now, Trisha Paytas met their future husband through Ethan Klein.

After Klein and Paytas put aside their feud and started co-hosting a podcast, they decided to arrange their own version of Bachelorette. It was to find a boyfriend for Trisha Paytas. Therefore, Klein introduced his own brother-in-law to them. However, the show came to a pause due to COVID-19. Despite the lockdown, Paytas kept posting their and Moses Hacmon’s pictures together. After seeing this, Klein got upset and claimed they were breaking the show’s rules. However, the couple began dating and have been together since then. On Christmas Day last year, the couple got engaged. This year, Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon will be getting married.

These days, their wedding preparations are in full swing.

For a few months now, Trisha Paytas has been sharing updates about their upcoming wedding. According to them, they will have a destination wedding, a local wedding in LA, and multiple events. At the same time, the couple has deiced to celebrate their union for at least a year. Therefore, the honeymoon period will last for a year. Similarly, Trisha Paytas likes to keep their followers updated with the shopping for events. Everything is customized, from hats to sunglasses, from dress hangers to thongs, and has bride or wifey written on it. While it has not been revealed, many speculate that Twilight might be the theme of Trisha Payta’s wedding. From their YouTube videos, it is clear that Paytas is going through an Edward Cullen phase. However, only time will tell what the wedding is like.

Recently, Gabi DeMartino posted an exciting video featuring Trisha Paytas’s wedding invites.

If you remember the infamous feud between Gabbie Hannah and Trisha Paytas, you must remember the part Gabi DeMartino played in it. Despite accusing Paytas of manipulating her, she managed to get an invite to the much-awaited wedding. In a recent video, DeMartino revealed that Paytas’ wedding invite woke her up. While walking towards the music, she says:

So this music is going off in the morning and we don’t know what it is. And it is Trisha Paytas wedding invitation.

For their upcoming wedding, Trisha Paytas and Hacmon went all out. While the rest of the wedding preparations are still hidden, their wedding invites are revealed. In a white box, there is a snow globe that lights up and has background music of Twilight playing. Then there is a small drawer in the box which contains the invitation card. You can see it clearly in Gabi’s TikTok.

At the moment, no one knows what the exact date of the wedding is. Previously, Ethan Klein claimed that he or his family would not attend the wedding. However, the rest of us are anxiously waiting for it.

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