Trisha Paytas Wants Tony Lopez Removed from TikTok

So I guess by now everybody on social media knows that Trisha Paytas has been going after every single Tiktoker. And guess who is the latest target of her rant? Well, it’s none other than the controversial Tiktok star Tony Lopez. Now we all know that Tony has been missing in action for a couple of months. And a lot of people still don’t know the reason for his absence.

Timeline of Tony Lopez’s harassment scandal

Well, let me just sum it up for you guys. So a couple of months ago a lot of minor girls came out on social media and mentioned that the TikToker has been asking them for explicit pictures. And he has also shared his explicit pictures with them. Moreover, Tony allegedly messaged a 15-year-old girl and told her that her face is pretty ‘kissable’. And after that, he went MIA for a little while.

Tony Lopez got back on his Twitter on the 9th of August and tweeted that “I have a lot to talk about”. And what he actually talked about was his daily routine and it didn’t address the allegations he was facing. Neither did he apologize for his actions.

Then the Tiktoker finally posted an apology on the 23rd of August but it was anything but vague. And now Trisha Paytas is calling him out for his actions.

This is how Tony Lopez apologized for his actions

A couple of weeks ago TikTokroom shared a thread of screenshots from a girl named Cay. Now, this girl Cay claims to be 15 at the time Tony used to send her messages.

Now if you go through the screenshots, you will see that Tony is repeating the ‘F’ word a lot. And he has also mentioned that he wants to do inappropriate things with this girl.

But you will get extremely confused if you go through the comments section and see what fans have to say about this whole situation. A lot of fans pointed out the fact that both the accounts of Tony are not verified in these messages. They are missing the blue tick and he has a very different style of writing.

And here is the apology statement from Tony regarding the harassment accusations.

You can clearly see that Tony is taking accountability for his actions. But what he didn’t do is mention ‘all those actions which he is actually taking accountability for doing’. So we really have to wait for Tony’s statement regarding the whole Cay situation.

Tony would have been in jail by now if a case was filed against him by Cay. So we have to wait for Cay to talk to her parents about this whole situation and take legal action.

Some of you might not know that Tony is losing deals with different brands. And his own merch is also getting affected by this whole situation.

Trisha Paytas wants Tony Lopez gone from the Tiktok app

So Def Noodles just shared Trisha Paytas’ recent Tiktok in which she is talking about Tony Lopez being a predator.

She is also mentioning other influencers and YouTubers that are still friends with Tony:

“Tony Lopez, who has admitted to se*ting minors. So let’s talk about the actual predator that Nikita Dragun is friends with, supports bestest friend. He is doing great.”

Some were saying this is hypocritical of Trisha Paytas to say since she’s still friends with Shane Dawson. Dawson is currently also facing scandals of his own where he made several inappropriate jokes about wanting to have inappropriate relations with minors.

Trisha Paytas still continues with her rant:

“This is Tony Lopez still on the app and he has admitted to se*ting and sending n*des to underaged girls. Way underage… A 13-year-old and 15-year-old and he is still allowed on the app.”

Trisha even addressed the people calling her a hypocrite. But she points out that what Tony Lopez did was an actual crime (if found true), and that it’s worse than simply making jokes about it.

“Now a lot of people of you people are like Trisha you supported people who made jokes and stuff in the past. This isn’t a joke. This is an actual crime, victims have come forward. There are actual people that he has abused, se*ually abused for asking n-des for underage minors.”

And this is what one of the fans had to say about Trisha for coming after Tony.

“She should go off herself for physically abusing her boyfriend and trying to hide it from the public and make sure no one found out. She is as disgusting as the people she’s calling out.”

This whole situation is getting messier and should be investigated by proper authorities to resolve the matter. Let us know what you guys think on this matter? Do you think Tony should be canceled and removed from all the social apps?

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