Trisha Paytas wants Sanders Kennedy YouTube Channel for spreading lies

Trisha Paytas, a YouTuber many bashed for being problematic, is now bashing others for being problematic. The tables have indeed turned, and many actually agree with her now. Recently, she called out a YouTuber, Sanders Kennedy, who was spinning a crazy rumor about Shane Dawson. Sanders claimed that there was a police investigation going on involving Shane. However, many debunked this theory and were skeptical about it. Plus, Shane Dawson told Keemstar that no investigation was currently taking place. Sanders was hence lying.

Sanders has previously spread a lie about Trisha in the past.

In the video, Trisha Paytas actually reveals that Sanders Kennedy has spread rumors and lies about Trisha herself. He spread a lie that she was performing ince*st content for her OnlyFans. Which was not true. But this lie could have potentially led to her OnlyFans getting banned since that is illegal. Her source of income would have been compromised if the OnlyFans team believed in what Sanders said.

Trisha Paytas’ lawyer actually explained all these things to her, and she could pursue a lawsuit against Sanders, but she does not because she does not think it is worth the money. The lawyer, however, did send him a cease and desist letter.

Regarding the lies he made up about her and Shane Dawson, Trisha Paytas urges Sanders Kennedy to get help:

I’m sorry cuz it clearly you suffer from some trauma and you need therapy not YouTube you definitely should be having a youtube channel which is based entirely on the same allegations.

Trisha Paytas says Sanders Kennedy is going against YouTube guidelines

Trisha Paytas read up the YouTube guidelines and stated that Sanders Kennedy was violating many of them by spreading lies. She also said that Sanders was harassing Shane Dawson online and then in real life as well:

he violates so many of the Community Guidelines in terms of service there’s severe abuse which is spam slander and then policy violations like harassment which is what he’s been doing to Shane online and now Shane in real life.

Moreover, she also highlights how Sanders Kennedy uses the words ‘allegedly’ to cover up the fact that he’s spreading lies:

you can’t just lie and you definitely can’t hide behind the word allegedly which he thinks he’s so smart by doing. this is coming from my attorneys because you always have to send a cease-and-desist before you start anything legal.

Plus, Trisha also shares that YouTube does not like to get involved in legal matters, and they’d more likely ban his YouTube channel than solve the legal issue:

if you have a lawsuit involved like YouTube ain’t gonna be on your side.

Trisha Paytas says Sanders is coming after Shane due to personal reasons

Trisha shares that she used to hang out with Sanders Kennedy. But once they stopped hanging out, he took it personally and then came after her and spread the rumor about her OnlyFans. She also thinks that he’s doing the same to Shane Dawson.

if you pride yourself and being a journalist and investigator a drama channel whatever like this is your livelihood I’m pretty sure you don’t want to f*ck with your livelihood and by putting out by violating YouTube’s Terms of Service so drastically. it’s not smart. it’s one thing to report give your opinion. but you can’t just straight-up lie and say there’s an investigation. He needs to like – Sanders needs to retract all his videos.

Trisha also called Sanders out for wasting the police’s time investigating something that had no proper evidence:

You’re calling the Sheriff’s Department with no f*cking proof, evidence, witnesses, victims – nothing – Just the fact that he that you think his videos online are creepy. You wasting the Sheriff’s Department’s resources and time.

Let’s see if Sanders Kennedy takes down all his videos or not.

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