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Trisha Paytas is unfollowing fans who called her out for having chairs made of rabbit fur

After their super fan called them out, Trisha Paytas responded in a lengthy DM and unfollowed her on all social media.

A few days back, Trisha Paytas received backlash, and rightfully so. In a video, they and their fiancé, Moses Hacmon revealed their new dining room. According to them, they always wanted a Beetlejuice-themed dining room and Hacmon designed it for Paytas. However, people noticed that they had used real rabbit fur for the chairs. This led to the internet bashing Paytas and Hacmon. When their super fan, Dakota Paytas called them out, the YouTuber unfollowed her and send her a lengthy DM. Needless to say, Paytas is making things worse.

On Halloween, Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon revealed their dining room furniture

While dressed as Sally and Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas, the couple shared that their dining room is finally ready. In a video, they revealed the décor to the fans. According to Trisha Paytas, they always wanted a room with Beetlejuice-inspired furniture. At the same time, they wanted to give Tim Burton a tribute. Therefore, Hacmon designed the room for them. While Trisha Paytas admired the table, Hacmon very proudly told the viewers that the granite table took 10 people to move in. After a while, the couple talked about the chairs and Hacmon revealed that real rabbit fur was used for the backs. At this point, Paytas awkwardly asked if they could say this. Shortly after the video came out, people expressed their anger. This led to the couple editing the video and omitting the part about rabbit fur.

Trisha Paytas

After the video came out, Paytas super fan, Dakota Paytas responded

Trisha Paytas Is Unfollowing Fans Who Called Her Out For Having Chairs Made Of Rabbit Fur

While many people bashed Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon, their fan, Dakota Paytas expressed her disappointment. In a video, she addressed the issue of using rabbit fur and said:

I am shaking right now but I have to film this video, I have to. First of all, it looked like I was looking at my own little rabbit that is my emotional support rabbit in the state of Florida on the back of those chairs. Those chairs need to go. People say I stand up for Trisha all the time which is normally right but… One thing I don’t think Trisha knows is that in order to keep rabbit’s fur, they have to electrocute them and I cannot imagine… oh my God. So that means that there was like eight poor little bunnies which were electrocuted for Trisha Paytas’ dining room table. HER DINING ROOM TABLE!

Furthermore, she said:

I’m sorry I’m not trying to get anyone mad or anything but this is so wrong. I have to speak in what I believe in. I would not be a true fan if I just kept my mouth shut on this topic because this is something I really believe in. And, Trisha Paytas, that aint it!

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Shortly after, Trisha Paytas responded to their fan and unfollowed her from social media

After their fan called Trisha Paytas out, they took offense. While they did not respond to the backlash and just turned off the comments on the video, Dakota Paytas’ video made them speak up. Paytas send their fan a lengthy DM and said:

I’m sorry you feel this way. Unfortunately, I’m not this perfect person and can’t please every single person. Obviously I edited cause it was distasteful. However, after seeing all your TikToks you made about how grossed out you are about me, maybe it’s best we both don’t follow each other. I understand your anger and hurt, and apologize to have offended you so much.

Furthermore, Trisha Paytas appreciated Dakota’s support and agreed that she is allowed to have her own opinion. At the same time, they said:

I just have to unfollow because it is all hard for me to see all this. It doesn’t feel good. You can continue to post your anger. I just have to remove myself from seeing it.

Whether Trisha Paytas unfollows their fans or turns off the comments, they cannot hide from the truth. For once, they should admit their mistake. But it would not be like Paytas to do that.

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