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Is Trisha Paytas Trying to Get Back in David Dobrik’s Vlogs?

Trisha Paytas has been caught up in some major YouTube drama this year. It all happened when a misunderstanding between Trisha Paytas, David Dobrik and her boyfriend Jason Nash erupted. Basically, David Dobrik alongside Jason Nash made an insensitive joke about Trisha who didn’t appreciate it. It led to her publicly posting a video calling David Dobrik horrible. Even, though she later deleted the video, people were assuming that her friendship and even relationship was over. Well, it was a pleasant surprise when she made a follow-up video clarifying how everything between the trio was apparently resolved.

Trisha Paytas Absence in David’s Vlogs

She hasn’t been appearing in the Vlog Squad videos anymore. Neither in Jason Nash’s or David Dobrik’s. Her absence in Nash’s videos have even led to people to speculate on the relationship status of Trisha Paytas.

As per the female YouTuber herself, she has completely resolved the problem with David Dobrik. We felt as if their friendship might end soon. But it seems like that it actually might be on good terms.

Trisha Paytas just recently posted a picture on Instagram where she is posing wearing a T-Shirt with David Dobrik’s face on it!

This is definitely an interesting post by Trisha Paytas. Who knows what intentions she had in posting the picture with David Dobrik graphically represented.


Trisha Paytas Efforts Of Getting Back Into Vlog Squad?

Was it an effort in trying to get back into the Vlog Squad? David has about 11 million subscribers on YouTube, and a total of 4,164,371,592 views. Just simply being in David Dobrik’s vlogs are a surefire way of getting publicity for your own YouTube channel. Everyone in the vlog Squad is well aware of this, which might explain them condoning outrageous pranks and stunts that David Dobrik pulls off.

Even though Trisha Paytas was never completely a part of the group, she did hang out with them.

In the scandalous video she posted about David Dobrik, she mentioned how crazy and questionable things happen in the vlog Squad. One member of the vlog squad in particular, Brandon Calvillo, was pointed out for having dating an underage girl. These claims were addressed by Brandon Calvillo later on, and it’s easy to assume that his friendship with Trisha may have been greatly strained.

She might have regretted this and want to be a part of the Vlog Squad again.

Maybe, it was Just a Nice Gesture

Paytas might have just wanted to show David Dobrik that she does not want any bad blood between them. A token of appreciation for Dobrik’s talents perhaps. If you are a close fan of Trisha Paytas, you might know that she’s never felt like she had a close friend group. Even when she was in the Vlog Squad. Due to personal issues, she has kept people at a distance. So, her striving to get back into the Vlog Squad using this Instagram post would be unlike her personality. She seems to be content with her small audience of about 4.8 million subscribers is enough for her.

She even posted a video today eating Buffalo wings while wearing the same David Dobrik T-shirt.

It could all have been just a nice gesture or a way for her to spark some harmless internet debate again. Whatever the case, we’ll see if David Dobrik or any of the other Vlog Squad members have anything to say about this.

Who’s Currently in the Vlog Squad

David Dobrik’s infamous vlogs have numerous members. Those who frequently appear are Jason Nash, Josh Peck, Scotty Sire, Zane Hijazi, Toddy Smith, BigNik, Alex Ernst, Corinna Copf, Liza Koshy, Carly Incontro, Matt King, Erin Gilfoy, Brandon Calvillo, Dom Zeglaitis, Kristen McAtte, Elton Castee, Heath Hussar, Jeffrey Wittek, Vardan Antonyan, Nick Antonyan, Natalie Mariduena.

Celebrity guests featured in David’s vlogs are Courtney Cox and Kylie Jenner.

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