Trisha Paytas Is Trolling Her Fans Again With A New Boyfriend?

Everyone must have thought that Trisha Paytas would take a break during her Quarantine mode. And that she wouldn’t stir any drama for some while. However, all wishes do not come true. Especially when it comes to Trisha and your wishes. While we finally believed 2020 would be her year of “no-drama-mama”, she just had to start a controversy with another community. Her fans were upset, and some were even angry at her for disrespecting the DID community. Dissociative Identity Disorder or multiple personality disorder is a pretty explanatory term. And Trisha claims she has it.  That’s not it. She is trolling her fans again with a new boyfriend these days. What’s that all about?

Trisha Paytas & Her Alters

Since Trisha Paytas keeps claiming that she has DID and that people should really stop making fun of her ‘illness’. Many fans are wondering which Trisha alter they are seeing in every video now. Her DID video has 8k likes and 103k dislikes. That tells how her followers reacted to Trisha’s self-proclaimed DID.

Some even started questioning which alter is her transgender identity. And which one keeps stirring all the drama. T, Trixie, Trisha, Tyson &Tyranny are all of her identities. And yes, every name begins with T. Question is, which one is dating Hila Klein’s brother?

Decoding her new boyfriend

Trisha Paytas claims she is in quarantine with a guy. A few weeks back, she started a Bachelorette version of finding her mate, in collaboration with h3h3 productions i.e. Ethan Klein and her wife Hila Klein. Hila’s brother was planning to apply as well. However, he didn’t and when Trisha really liked him, she said she’d directly contact him. What might have seemed like a joke, was not really. After a few days, she literally posted a picture with Hila’s brother.

I have not seen the episode yet, but that’s what the internet says. One follower commented:

okay so basically Trisha is the H3H3 bachelorette and she went on the podcast last Friday took look at submission. Well at the end hila’s brother was supposed to apply but didn’t and she really liked him and said she was going to message him and now they are together I guess.

His name is Moses Hacmon, and he has not posted a single picture with Trisha Paytas yet. However, Trisha is not done showing people that she literally has a person in her life at the moment. She posts a picture daily, with a guy’s hands in the image, or his legs. Trisha is really giving the impression that her quarantine is a long date at home with her new possible boyfriend.

Well, we have not seen ‘his’ face yet in the Instagram stories. So, it is not necessary that he really is Hila Klein’s brother. Moreover, Moses keeps sharing images of the “outside world”, while Trisha just posts the “inside her house” images. Her fans do believe she is trolling them again.

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