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Trisha Paytas tells Gabbie Hanna to get some help

We know that there is a lot of bad blood between YouTubers Trisha Paytas and Gabbie Hanna. The two YouTubers are often found speaking about one another on social media platforms. While some may say that their feuds are uncalled for, we still enjoy the occasional tea spilling. In the past week, Gabbie was involved in so much social media drama that we are still trying to decipher. It was her attempt at standing up for herself against her ‘cyberbullies’. Trisha Paytas, who was a consistent subject of Gabbie’s address in her calling out, made a video to, well, call her out.

What Trisha Paytas has to say about the Gabbie Hanna Drama.

So, Trisha Paytas mainly addresses the YouTube drama with Gabbie Hanna saying that YouTube is shadowbanning her and gaslighting her. Trisha points out that YouTube is always changing. No YouTuber is always consistent with their numbers. She gives the example of herself as she says that when she was with the Vlog Squad, Jason Nash, David Dobrik, she performed in sold-out shows and everything. However, the very next year, they were down by half. That is just plain varying audience interests. She also gives the example of Joey Graceffa and other YouTubers who go up and down on the scale of popularity.

Trisha Paytas says some pretty intense words about Gabbie Hanna during the video.

Gabbie I have avoided you like the f*cking plague for years because you have always been scary delusional to me.

She also mentions that Gabbie lied to Jason and David about her having herpes. And the fact that Gabbie Hanna lied to people about Trisha’s husband asking her out. Her words go as far as saying,

You are a Crackhead Monster.

It seems that there’s not any love lost between the Vlog Squad and Gabbie Hanna either. Trisha says,

You know they don’t get engaged in this sh*t. And you are so lucky that group doesn’t. You know exactly why.

Trisha Paytas asks Gabbie Hanna to take accountability for something at least. Moreover, she tells Gabbie Hanna to get some help in order to work out her issues. We don’t know what Gabbie’s response to this is but we think a cat’s got her tongue. She straight out avoided the video and only responded to one insignificant part (considering everything Trisha Paytas said). She quotes a fan tweet and asks,

wait am i the worst songwriter ever or do i not write my own music cause i think we need to pick an angle here.

So… we do hope we get some perspective on what is going on her from Gabbie’s side soon.

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