Trisha Paytas Talks Sex, Drugs & The Vlog Squad In Logan Paul’s Podcast

Trisha Paytas, Logan Paul and The Vlog Squad in a single title should serve as a warning. Strange that we have sex and drugs in the title as well, but fatal combo award still goes to Trisha, Logan and The Vlog Squad. People are done hearing Trisha talk about David Dobrik, Jason Nash and other squad members. But she is still openly discussing them in every other podcast or a talk show. Due to which Jeff Witteck had an issue with Trisha. But that did not scare the tigress though. She recently opened up about her sex, drugs and alcohol addiction as well as The Vlog Squad on Logan Paul’s podcast “Impaulsive”. How different was this discussion? Let’s find out.

Logan Paul’s Podcast Hosts Trisha Paytas

Logan Paul can add spices to his podcast, whenever he wants wherever he wants. When introducing Trisha Paytas to his audience, he used these particular words.

Guys, our guest today needs no introduction. Because it is hard to give her one. She is a singer, a dancer, an actor and lately a social media superstar with drama following her everywhere she goes.

On the contrary, the description of the video is introducing Trisha Paytas in a completely different manner.

Trisha Paytas… ex-prostitute, ex-meth addict, and ex… Vlog Squad?

Trisha Paytas starts off instantly by dissing the sound effects used by Impaulsive team. She kept saying she used to love the podcast but she does not like the news sound effects used in the podcast. Logan Paul, being a good host, said he likes honest feedbacks. He also appreciated Trisha on her makeover with the gems all over her face. They also discussed Trisha Paytas’ latest knee injury. And the knee injury led to her sex addiction somehow (how?). She confirmed though she was a cripple for some time, her knee injury did not become a hindrance in her sex life. Not going into the kinky details of how Trisha’s experience of having sex with a crippled leg turned into a discussion of necrophilia. But you read it right, she did say it on LOGAN PAUL’S PODCAST. If you know Paul, you can tell Trisha was dissing him by using the term “dead body” repetitively.

Trisha Paytas’ Sex Addiction Discussion Should Be Banned?

It really felt like Trisha Paytas loves talking about these things. She opened up about her experiences and confirmed she mostly dates old people with an age range from 45 to 75. There was also a guy aged 80 who looked like a 65-Year Old attractive guy. Trisha said that the guys falling in that age range are only focused on whatever they are getting, they do not really have fantasies. Trisha went so far discussing her fantasies and interests that she confessed she is interested in Necrophilia. She even said even if the guy gave permission to someone officially that the person can have sex with his dead body after his death, it still does not work. It is illegal. We really do not want to know why she has all this information when it comes to Necrophilia. (even if it was just Trisha joking about her sexuality, that topic should be off-limits).  She even talked about Chlamydia issues and being unable to reproduce. Let’s not go into details.

When asked she is not a porn-star, Trisha Paytas said porn is overrated. It has never been beneficial for her and it never paid her enough. Watching porn & participating in it, both were useless for her.

Exposing Jason Nash & The Vlog Squad | TMI Girl

When I started watching the podcast, I was totally not expecting Trisha Paytas to discuss & expose the sides of Jason Nash she has never discussed before. But she did it anyway. First, probably because she was continuously talking about her sex addiction. Second, Trisha did not want to miss this chance in exposing Jason Nash in the creepiest way ever. Trisha Paytas said she is a sex-addict due to which Jason Nash had to use injections to keep up with her (Sorry for the TMIs). She even said some guy from The Vlog Squad suggested injections to Jason Nash. Apparently, there is a younger squad member who did that and Trisha is scared to take his name.

Trisha further confirmed, in fact, repeated that she never liked threesome jokes and all the things we keep hearing about. Logan Paul defended David Dobrik on many logical points including him gifting expensive cars to his friends. These cars are not bought from his own pocket. Everyone knows cars are sponsored. So, Trisha Paytas should not hold anything like “gifting expensive cars to rich friends” against David.

Logan Paul Burns Trisha Paytas

If there is one thing which can drive Trisha crazy, that’s someone praising Jason Nash. And Logan Paul did it proudly.

I love Jason, we love Jason. I am sorry.

Trisha knows Jason Nash from last 3 years, Logan Paul knows him from last 5 Years. There was a small competition of who knows Jason Nash better. Where Trisha argued that Logan Paul knows him as a friend and Trisha knows him as the f****** craziest person in the whole entire world.

Logan Paul also succeeded in catching the loopholes in Trisha Paytas’ stories which she kept twisting. Changed topics frequently as well. But they had a serious discussion on meth and drugs usage and why it creates an issue later. The day when Trisha Paytas was taken to the hospital, was when she thought she tried coke but it was meth. Stay away from the drugs.


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