Why Trisha Paytas Sued Gabbie Hanna

Believe it or not, things are suddenly turning dark between two notable influencers: Trisha Paytas sued Gabbie Hanna. This is not just about the STD rumor and Gabbie being curious about what Trisha said about her to Gabi Demartino (Blood Queens). Trisha and Gabbie know each other back from the Vlog Squad days. Whereas; Trisha recently acted in Gabi’s Blood Queens.

Curiosity killed the cat, and things are not cooling down between Trisha Paytas and Gabbie Hanna. The arguments and Twitter-Instagram fight have gone so far that Trisha Paytas has sued Gabbie Hanna. Will David Dobrik, Jason Nash, and the Vlog Squad appear as witnesses if history is brought to the court?

Trisha Paytas Sued Gabbie Hanna | Trisha Shares Screenshots Of The Email To Her Lawyers

Since she censored out the names and some details from the screenshots, we cannot tell who her lawyers are. However, Trisha confirmed she copied the email to Gabbie Hanna so she could directly communicate with Trisha’s lawyers or involve her lawyers. She even used “Defamation and Harassment” as the email subject title. In addition to the shared screenshots, Trisha Paytas called Gabbie Hanna a “nutjob,” She claims she is genuinely scared of Gabbie now.

Trisha Paytas Gabbie Hanna

Trisha says in the email that she has never dealt with such harassment and someone trying to destroy her reputation like this in the last 13 years of her life. To be precise, the last 13 years of her life as a YouTuber.

She also said she is documenting everything on her social platforms like Instagram and Twitter to keep people in the loop. Trisha and Gabbie are done being on the good terms. However, will she get a restraining order against Gabbie or put an end to it? Trisha Paytas sued Gabbie Hanna, and that’s something not many of us expected!

Trisha Paytas Gabbie Hanna Email

Trisha further clarified:

Your accusation of blackmail that doesn’t even involve you is psychotic behavior. Like please leave me alone.

Trisha Paytas Shares Gabi’s Texts, Gabbie Hanna Backs Off

Unfortunately, Gabi Demartino, the writer and actress from Blood Queens is stuck in a catfight. Trisha Paytas and Gabbie Hanna are right on their part to some extent. However, things are getting out of control now. In contrast, Gabbie Hanna and Gabi confirmed that she recorded a podcast with Gabbie to share her story. Trisha Paytas, on the other hand, just shared screenshots of Gabi’s messages. We cannot help but wonder if all the parties involved have turned on notifications of each other’s Twitter and Instagram posts.

As per Trisha Paytas’ screenshot of Gabi’s text, where Gabi confessed she was at Ariana Grande’s concert and just wanted Gabbie to stop “blowing up” her phone. She also confessed that she thought her lie would protect Trisha Paytas. Whereas; Trisha did not need any protection, as per Paytas herself. At the end of the day, Trisha Paytas says part of her believes Gabi did it on purpose. She is not accepting Gabi’s apologies now. Meanwhile, Gabbie Hanna has deleted all the posts from her accounts.

Gabi Responds to Trisha’s Screenshots

Oh boy, Gabi Demartino just confirmed that she is scared of Trisha Paytas. And she did everything because she wanted to stay in her good books. After all, Gabi adored Trisha. We do not think that feeling will remain the same for long. Will Trisha get a restraining order against her as well?

i feel like she knew i was scared of her not liking me and took advantage of that. she kept encouraging me to say things and now i know it’s all for the screenshot, instagram stories, + drama channels. like she has this down to a science. it’s scary. and she’s quick.

gabi demartino

What do you guys think? Is Gabbie Hanna backing off because of Trisha’s email to lawyers? Since Trisha Paytas sued Gabbie Hanna, will she also sue Gabi? Will she still share that podcast that she recorded with Gabi Demartino? Is Trisha going to withdraw her lawsuit? Will Trisha go to sleep before moving out of her house? Can we have one last kitchen-floor video for the old times’ sake, please?

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