Trisha Paytas Slams YouTuber for Trolling her; Calls Elon Musk a Gamer!

Trisha Paytas is the constant highlight of social media for all the wrong reasons. Recently, she indulged in a banter with Keemstar, which ended with her calling Elon Musk a "Gamer".

When was the last time a day went by without a Trisha Paytas drama? The former Vlog Squad member can’t resist getting into trouble or controversies on a regular basis. She is not a big fan of people “laughing” at her, even if it’s Elon Musk doing it! And this became the reason for Trisha Paytas to lash out at a YouTuber on Twitter!

Trisha Paytas Becomes a “Mermaid” for a Day!

Quarantine has us doing crazy things, right? So, we can only expect the social media influencers to be a step ahead in this regard. To create “fire” content in a confined environment requires immense creativity. And we can all agree that Paytas’ creativity knows no bounds.

So, “Ms. Limelight” ended up becoming a mermaid for a day. She uploaded her experience on her YouTube channel and shared the video on Twitter. This motivated YouTuber and DramaAlert host Keemstar to “meme” Trisha’s mermaid look. Little did he know that he (and Elon Musk?) would be entering a war zone a.k.a. “Trisha Paytas Drama”.

Trisha Slams YouTuber Keemstar for “Laughing” at her!

After Trisha took offense to Keemstar’s joke, the two had a little back and forth. Apparently, she doesn’t like it when someone doesn’t take her seriously because she’s a social media veteran. She tweeted:

Don’t post my videos with someone laughing at them. I’ve been on 13 years take me f***ing seriously u prick.

To this, Keemstar replied,

‘Someone laughing at them’ it’s literally Elon Musk! You don’t know who that is? Lol

Trisha no one can take you serious. But that’s fine.

And then, Trisha Paytas did the unthinkable! She called Elon Musk a… gamer!!! Her tweet read:

Don’t know who that is. Cause I’m not a gamer nerd. F*** Minecraft.

And apparently, that reply left Keemstar speechless.

So, how did you like this episode of the “Trisha Paytas Drama”? Do you think she actually doesn’t know Elon Musk or did she refer to the billionaire as a gamer on purpose? Let us know in the comments down below!

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