Trisha Paytas shades Belle Delphine, Gabbie Hanna, & David Spade on ‘The Sip’

Trisha Paytas recently appeared on Ryland Adams and Lizzie Gordon’s podcast, ‘The Sip’. In it, she talked about a lot of things including her OnlyFans, personal life, and relationship. But since she is indeed the Trisha Paytas, she would not miss an opportunity to shade some YouTubers. Especially since that’s become her content these days on TikTok.

So, starting off with the usual targets of her shades: Jason Nash and Gabbie Hanna

We know Trisha Paytas shades Gabbie Hanna and Jason Nash all the time. Jason, because he was in a relationship with her and they had a lot of issues. Plus, Trisha wasn’t happy with the way he acted around her and treated her. And how he would hang out with the ‘vlog squad’ who she believes has problematic people that aren’t held accountable for their actions. She didn’t name him in this podcast, but she simply shaded him by praising current boyfriend Moses. She said that Moses is able to hang out with her family and friends frequently and that is something she didn’t get in her previous relationship.

Moreover, Trisha Paytas and Gabbie Hanna have a quite public feud. It actually stemmed from Gabbie Hanna telling Jason Nash that Trisha Paytas has ‘Herpes’. Trisha Paytas didn’t appreciate that fact and has often called her out for this behavior. They also had a feud when Gabbie Hannah got Gabi DeMartino and Trisha Paytas into a fight due to a misunderstanding. Gabi and Trisha made up but Trisha still keeps her distance from Gabbie.

Trisha Paytas took a jab at Gabbie’s music videos, stating that someone like her should not waste their money on music videos if they’re not good at it.

Usually, I would advise not spending money on music videos. Like if you’re Luke Conard – Didn’t work out for him. Gabbie Hanna. Like those people.

In this podcast, she hinted at a little sarcasm and claimed to have loved her when Ryland asked her about her stance on Gabbie Hanna. But everyone knew she was being sarcastic.

Trisha also told Gabbie Hanna to get some help because Trisha herself was getting help to work out her own issues.

Honestly, I feel bad for her. I’m sure she has someone to tell problems to. You know, I hope she gets help. I’m getting help. People need to get help.

Belle Delphine’s failed bathwater businesses was shaded by Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas was discussing selling used items such as used toilet paper and underwear online. That’s when Lizzie shared that one of her friends was selling her own bathwater.

To which Trisha Paytas asked:

Oh is your friend Belle Delphine?

It was not Belle Delphine! But everyone knows how Belle Delphine was selling her own used bathwater at $30 a piece. Belle is also controversial for posting inappropriate and explicit content on Instagram and YouTube.

Finally, coming to David Spade, the most unlikely target of Trisha’s jabs

Trisha Paytas shared the story of how she has ‘beef’ with David Spade. Trisha was trying to get David on her podcast but he declined and ignored her requests.

But he went on to Whitney Cummings’ podcast and they both discussed Trisha Paytas.

She had David Spade on. And they were talking about me, being like how much money does Trish make, which was so weird I was like they were like naming all these celebrities and David Spade was like, ‘Oh yeah, she DMs me’. And Uhm Im like oh motherf*cker saw it. Coz like Ive been asking him to be on the podcast. – and he just ignores me.

But then after the Cummings’ podcast, David Spade responded to Trisha Paytas’s DMs declining to be on her podcast. And afterward asking her to help his friend out who wanted to join OnlyFans. Trisha thinks that this was a major indicator that David Spade is fake.

And both Ryland and Lizzie were taking Trisha’s side and didn’t appreciate David Spade not being on Trisha’s podcast.

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