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Trisha Paytas Scammed Her Patron For $500?

The patron who paid $500

One of Trisha Paytas’s fans bought a $500 tier for an Instagram shoutout. Reyhaneh Rahimi is a Canadian YouTuber who has approx 69k followers on her “hot tea” channel. She has a love-and-hate relationship with Trisha Paytas. And that is because of the content posted by Trisha from time to time. Reyhaneh Rahimi loves Trisha for her original content. However, the weirdest stuff and dramas make her hate Trisha.

About a few weeks back, Rahimi made a video on YouTube and shared it on December 16, 2019, confirming she paid $500 to Trisha Paytas’ official “Patreon” page for an Instagram shoutout.

The message was sent on December 7, 2019. But, Reyhaneh Rahimi did not get any response. So, she sent another message to Trisha Paytas.

Towards the end of that video, Reyhaneh Rahimi says it was a waste of her time, her viewers’ time, and her money. She did not think Trisha Paytas will give her a shoutout. In fact, that’s why she filmed it. However, she mentioned sharing an update.

Trisha Paytas Responds To Reyhaneh Rahimi……Kind Of

Right after 2 days of her video, Reyhaneh Rahimi shared an update on the Trisha Paytas Patreon situation. Or rather, YouTube situation. Rahimi titled the video as “Trisha Paytas hates me and now my channel might get deleted.” And it is not clickbait.

After her first video, her followers kept texting Trisha Paytas to refund Reyhaneh Rahimi’s $500 back to her. (That’s the U.S. Dollars). Resultantly, Rahimi received a message from Trisha’s sister “Kalli” who is assisting Trisha these days. She confessed she is the one to be blamed and it was not Trisha’s fault. Kalli also confirmed to refund of $501 as well. (Just wondering what’s that $1 for).

Rahimi thanked her followers and Keemstar for including her story in his Drama Alert video. But after Kalli’s response, it felt like everything was back to normal. But it was not.

The Copyright Strikes

While she was planning to make a video update on the refund message from Kalli, Rahimi’s “hot tea” YouTube channel received a notification for a copyright strike on a video she posted a month ago. Trisha Paytas was the one behind it. Rahimi says she was sadder because of the strike as compared to those $500. She wanted to wait it out as that copyright strike would be removed on March 17, 2020.

But, she received another copyright strike on another video. As per YouTube rules and regulations, three copyright strikes terminate that YouTuber’s account. Rahimi made another YouTube account in case her original one faces the ultimate termination. Reyhaneh Rahimi had almost all of her videos on Trisha Paytas. So, she had to delete all of her videos of Trisha Paytas out of her 110 videos.

Both her new and old channels are on YouTube, up for subscription. However, she cannot post on her old channel anymore. Reyhaneh Rahimi creates pretty good content and she has confirmed she will never use clips from the original videos in her upcoming videos ever again. Rahimi also confirmed she is happy to get her $500 back because she needed money for her rent.

Addressing Trisha Paytas’s claims

Trisha Paytas discussed Reyhaneh Rahimi in one of her latest Vlogs, and that was not a good way to address the issue. Therefore, Rahimi made a response video for Trisha Paytas on her new channel. Even though she wanted to keep her new channel Drama-free, she had to address all of these issues that were making her look bad.

Rahimi confirmed all of her videos were never meant to sabotage Trisha Paytas’s business. She never knew about the impact because Trisha never told her. Until her $500 video, Reyhaneh Rahimi never received a message or a copyright strike from Trisha Paytas.

Rahimi confirmed she has removed videos in the past when she was contacted by the original YouTubers/creators. For example, Jeff Wittek of the Vlog Squad.

Since Jeff asked her nicely, and he let her know immediately when he noticed the videos, Rahimi removed the content right away. She also believes that Trisha did not watch any of her videos and went right to the copyright strikes. Towards the end, Rahimi requests Trisha to take down the copyright strikes from her original YouTube channel. Let’s see if she does it.

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