Trisha Paytas says David Dobrik’s Apology is ‘not it’ | “He’s not sympathetic – He’s not sorry”

David Dobrik is dealing with multiple allegations of misconduct in his videos. One of the more troubling ones is when a woman claims that she was raped by ex-Vlog Squad member Durte Dom while shooting for Dobrik’s videos. David Dobrik made a statement addressing the situation and made an apology video. Trisha Paytas has reacted to the apology and weighed in on the situation.

The allegation that Dobrik is facing

In 2018, a group of college students went to film for one of David Dobrik’s vlogs. They were supplied with alcohol. One of the college students ended up having a sexual encounter with Durte Dom (Dominykas Zeglaitis). The college student shares that she was so intoxicated that she could not give her consent to Dom and what happened to her was rape.

Now, as David Dobrik is addressing the misconduct allegations, he says he doesn’t film anyone who doesn’t want to be filmed for his videos. Further, he added that he had distanced himself from Dom based on the incidents that occurred:

“With people in my life that I don’t film with anymore, like Dom, I chose to distance myself. I don’t align with some of the actions, I don’t stand for any misconduct. I’ve been really disappointed by some of my friends. For that reason, I’ve separated from a lot of them.”

Trisha Paytas says this apology isn’t sincere and shows David Dobrik isn’t sympathetic to the situation

YouTuber Trisha Paytas did not think the apology was good and that David Dobrik isn’t sympathetic with the whole situation.

Trisha Paytas thinks it’s cowardly for him to put all the blame on Durte Dom:

“It’s also really disgusting he shifted the entire blame on to Dom”

She mentions how the girls were hesitant to have sexual intercourse with Dom. Later in the vlog, the video cuts to David saying, ‘We convinced them.’ And further that other members of the vlog squad Nick (Jonah) Antonyan, Todd Smith, and Jeff Wittek, started listening in. Adult members of the squad gave the girls alcohol.

Trisha highlighted the fact that David Dobrik didn’t understand what he actually did wrong:

“If you make a mistake own up to it. Don’t say ‘i’m sorry everyone’s like you know putting pressure on me and now i have to make this like fake apology’.”

She’s also appalled by the fact that there is no empathy from Dobrik and his friends.

“It does make me physically sick and more physically sick that these people have zero empathy. Just like this is this was messed up – you were there. You were laughing. You were mocking the situation. Just like apologize like don’t defend.”

And that Paytas is more convinced of the fact that David isn’t empathetic:

“David is not empathetic. He’s not sympathetic. He’s not sorry. He knows he has to address it because it’s like it’s snowballing – right – other people are coming forward and sharing their stories. And he’s trying to wipe his hands clean”

Paytas urges Dobrik to take accountability:

“But this was your [David] vlog this was your production this is what you produced. This is what you encouraged.”

Paytas says this was the right opportunity for David Dobrik to hold himself accountable for his mistakes and use them as a way to grow. But he didn’t do that.

Trisha Paytas also shares she was there the night the incident occurred

She says she was there when the horrific events happened and knew the girl was intoxicated.

“The  girl was blacked out um I was there the night – that the girls couldn’t buy the alcohol and David interrupted the. That is the truth. I’m not scared of being sued because that’s the truth of what happened.”

Paytas also shares that David Dobrik doesn’t take no for an answer regarding his vlogs. Even when something isn’t appropriate, or people aren’t comfortable with doing the bit, Dobrik will still pressure people to do it:

David will not leave situations until he gets a vlog and he will push and push he will get pissed at people.

Trisha shared that she and Jason left before the alcohol was supplied to the girls. She says she did not know how to convince the girls to come with her because they were fans of Dobrik.

There was no way i was going to convince young david dobrik fan girls to come with me to go because they wanted to be in the vlog they want to be around the boys and i completely get it there was no way i’m gonna be like ‘come with me’ you know

Trisha also shared her stories of how she would often be pressured to do bits she did not consent for. One of the jokes was her having a threesome with her then-boyfriend Jason Nash and a young YouTuber. She constantly told him she wasn’t comfortable with the jokes being made, but Dobrik made them anyway.

In another incident, she recalls that Dobrik walked in on her while she was utterly nude to get footage for his Vlogs. Paytas says she did not give consent for that either.

Paytas reveals that Dobrik’s lawyers tried to discredit her by pointing to her mental illness.

She reveals that Dobrik’s lawyer was trying to discredit her by using her mental illness as the cause. Furthermore, David was trying to discredit Seth Francois’s sexual assault story by telling Scotty Sire to come up with evidence that Seth did give his consent in text conversations.

“This is the same guy that was providing Scotty Sire with screenshots from forever how long ago from Seth trying to prove that he gave consent within a prank in itself – it is not consent.”

Trisha Paytas has often spoken out against David Dobrik and the problematic behavior that went during the Vlog Squad. She revealed the problematic incidents taking place even before the survivors came out and shared their stories.

During her efforts to show the public the truth, David Dobrik’s lawyers have often tried to stop her. They point to her mental illness and the fact that she’s been in a psychiatric hospital to discredit her as a source in these stories.

She also added that she was heartbroken and sad for these girls that will ‘probably never get the justice they deserve.’

She also pointed out the fact that Dobrik didn’t upload the apology video on his main channel, which gets considerably more views than the ‘VIEWS’ channel he uploaded the video. Furthermore, he switched off the comments as well.

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