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Trisha Paytas rejects David Dobrik’s 2nd apology too | “It’s so fake”

David Dobrik and his vlog squad are currently facing serious allegations of sexual assault. One of the former members, Durte Dom (Dominykas Zeglaitis) is accused of raping a woman who came on the Vlog Squad videos as an extra. She was drunk due to alcohol provided by adult vlog squad members while the incident occurred. Currently, there is no criminal investigation taking place. Dom has not addressed the claims. David Dobrik made an apology a week ago briefly talking about multiple allegations surrounding his vlog squad. That apology was not received well by many, now he has made another one. Trisha Paytas, has been a victim of Dobrik’s problematic behavior as well, and as such she had a lot to say on both of David Dobrik’s apology videos.

Trisha Paytas did not like the first apology and she isn’t accepting the second one either

The YouTuber did not think Dobrik’s first apology was sincere. Trisha Paytas further thought that the apology shifted the whole blame onto Dom and that Dobrik took no accountability. Moreover, she thought that Dobrik showed absolutely no signs of empathy or sympathy:

“David is not empathetic. He’s not sympathetic. He’s not sorry. He knows he has to address it because it’s like it’s snowballing – right – other people are coming forward and sharing their stories. And he’s trying to wipe his hands clean”

Further, she highlighted the fact that Dobrik was trying to discredit her and Seth Francois’s sexual assault incident by pulling up old screenshots and bringing up Trisha’s old psychotic breakdown incident. She maintained that David Dobrik was only concerned about clearing his name and not actually caring about the victims.

Another thing to note in the first apology video was that it was uploaded on Dobrik’s channel ‘VIEWS’ that not many people view. Moreover, the comments and likes and dislikes were switched off.

In his second apology, Dobrik admitted to making mistakes

I want to start this video off by saying I fully believe the woman who came out against Dom. And said she was s*xually assaulted by him.

He added that the reason why he didn’t believe the allegations against Dom was because he was an old friend of his:

I couldn’t wrap my head around a childhood friend of mine doing this to people and actually hurting people. And I’m sorry for that. Not just I platformed Dom. But I also platformed the subject of s*x in a negative way. Where I made jokes about it. And I reinforced that kind of behavior.

He apologized for his behavior and for not understanding the gravity of the situation. David Dobrik also regrets making the vlog (where the victim appeared) and posting it:

I should have never posted it and what I understand now and I didn’t understand it before is that she sent that text because she felt like she had to. Not because she wanted to. And that’s f*cked up. And I’m sorry.

Dobrik also stated that he stopped associating with Dom in 2019 because he was abusing his power as a vlog squad team member.

And directly addressing Trisha Paytas, he said he was sorry and doesn’t discredit her story and what she went through.

He also said that he is open for anyone who wants to come forward and share how they were mistreated in the vlog squad.

Now reacting to David Dobrik’s second apology video, she personally doesn’t accept it

Trisha Paytas tells her own story of the ‘traumatizing week’ she had because of David Dobrik when she was still in the group. She says that she did not consent to be put in the videos but she was put into it anyway. Therefore, she personally does not forgive him:

As someone who had a traumatizing week Jan 29 2019-feb 5 2019 due to David putting in 2 bits in 2 vlogs involving me that I specifically told him not to put in – I don’t forgive him. He ignored me at the time of the trauma and kept the videos up/ ignored me for 2 years.
Though, Trisha Paytas did give David Dobrik some credit for taking accountability for his actions. Something that he didn’t previously do:
I’m glad he’s acknowledging things and I hope he truly has some sort of empathy now. It took losing all his sponsors for him to say something – and that speaks volumes.

But Trisha Paytas did highlight an important factor that David Dobrik only made a second more serious apology after he was losing major sponsors.

Many big outlets like Honey, Bumble, SeatGeek, and Dispo have parted ways with Dobrik after the sexual assault allegations.


Trisha Paytas also gave the example of Logan Paul and his past suicide forest scandal. Paul apologized for his actions and donated $1 million dollars to suicide prevention. Paytas said that Dobrik should do the same and donate money to sexual assault prevention.

Trisha Paytas Calls David Dobrik Logan Paul Example

Another suspicious thing that Trisha Paytas noted about David Dobrik’s second apology was that he ignored the victims for years. Only now is he taking action, after his career is in jeopardy and he is losing business partnerships. For that, Trisha Paytas will always think Dobrik is ‘disgusting’.

Funny how he ignored everyone’s calls for years but now he’s making himself available. I think David is disgusting , I always will. He’s calculating and manipulative. But good job taking my note from frenemies and sitting on the floor for your apology.

She also thinks David Dobrik should have directly addressed and apologized to the victims instead of making a video about it.

And yes no apology from David (after losing all his sponsors and app) will NEVER be good enough. It’s so fake.

Trisha Paytas maintained that the apology was not enough for Trisha Paytas. She was ‘shunned’  and ‘ridiculed’ by Dobrik and her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash after she had public mental breakdowns. Trisha Paytas further says the breakdown was a result of her time spent with Dobrik.

She cannot forgive Dobrik so easily after Dobrik and his lawyers constantly tried to discredit her as a witness.

If public opinion forgives David , great. I hope he does change. But as someone who was shunned (and ridiculed) after my psychotic breakdown from my association with David; his lawyers discrediting me cause of mental illness/ threatening insider (only a week ago); it’s not enough

Furthermore, Trisha Paytas says she will also show proof and evidence of how she was mistreated during her time with David Dobrik and Jason Nash:

Im now hell bent at getting my old texts from 2019 to share. I called David and Jason the morning before I made a video , they both ignored my calls. Jason told me he’d break up with me (via text ) if I made the video and David told me he’s too busy boarding a plane to answer me.
She also shared that she ‘was shaking with the content he put out in the vlog’. Trisha Paytas knows that other people had the worst experiences but she was completely traumatized by her last week spent with Nash and Dobrik. Both of them and even Jeff Wittek had witnessed her have a psychotic breakdown. They all later used this incident as a way to discredit her claims about the problematic behavior of the Vlog Squad.
Trisha Paytas Psychotic Breakdown
 She also further added that Dobrik tried really hard to discredit her as a witness to the sexual assault story as well as the Seth Francois story.
Just 2 weeks ago David sent Scotty texts to try and discredit Seth’s stories. Last week his lawyers sent 4 paragraphs to insider discrediting me (in disgusting detail) – sorry if I don’t buy that he’s changed and wants to hear ppl out now. A few days for a miraculous turnaround?
Lastly, Trisha Paytas advised that it would have been a better option if David Dobrik had donated to notable charities fighting sexual assault and waited a bit before making another apology video. She also advised that Dobrik should have directly apologized to the victims, not via an online video.
This would have felt more sincere 6 months from now after he’s reached out to ppl directly , after he’s donated to causes, researched and educated himself. 3 days after u attempting to discredit ppl isn’t believable

Trisha Paytas also agreed with a fan tweet of hers of how David Dobrik failed to acknowledge Seth Francois in his second apology, something that discredits male sexual assault victims.

Trisha David Dobrik Second APology Seth Francois

Later Trisha Paytas added that she sincerely hopes that David Dobrik has changed for the better.

I’m really done with this. Sponsors woke up and saw some stuff , hope he changes for real. Hope this is his wake up call. But I’ll always flinch whenever I see or hear David Dobrik’s name again. It’s tainted and it’s too little too late for me. He’ll be fine just as Mel Gibson is
Trisha Compares David Dobrik to Mel Gibon

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673) or visit their website to receive confidential support.


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