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Trisha Paytas regrets being negative towards Manny Mua?

Manny Mua recently talked about how Trisha Paytas passed negative comments on him on the Frenemies Podcast. Frenemies H3H3 Podcast is a popular Youtube podcast that is hosted by Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas. The first episode of Frenemies podcast aired in 2020. Every episode since then has gotten over 2 million views. Both of them basically speak on the latest events happening on the internet and review funny TikToks. Sometimes, they spill tea about other YouTubers as well. The YouTubers, the duo has spoken about on the podcast, have gotten offended many times. One of those is Manny Mua.

Manny Mua talks about Trisha Paytas

Manny Gutierrez is professionally known as Manny Mua recently and he posted a video on his YouTube channel which was titled “Let’s get ready and spill some tea”. He discussed some of the rumors swirling online and gave his thoughts on some topics as well, all while applying makeup. The Makeup artist was wearing a hoodie which is supposedly owned by Hila Klein, wife of Ethan Klein. Manny even gave his thoughts on the Frenemies podcast.

He revealed that he actually likes the Frenemies podcast:

Honestly, that podcast is very good. I think it’s good. I think it’s a very good podcast and it is entertaining for sure.

Then he started discussing his relationship with Trisha Paytas and said:

I do not agree with everything they say, but I do appreciate the good that comes from them. I do appreciate it. Actually, me and Trish don’t have a relationship. we are not friends but I feel like I can see her trying.

Manny then talked about how Trisha passed negative comments on him and said that Trisha still deserves love. He added:

Listen, I have not forgotten that she has talked negatively about me, talked negatively about friends of mine. But I think everyone deserves love and I think that includes Trisha.

What is Trisha’s response?

DefNoodles posted a video pf Manny Mua on Twitter where he was talking about Trisha.

Trisha Paytas quote tweeted the video and made a long thread on how she is trying to be better and how she wishes she could apologize to people face to face.

She said:

I feel like I was such a sad hurt individual for so long and wanted to pick fights with everyone. because I was insecure about not being part of the groups. It is nice to be given another chance to speak. I wish I could apologize to a lot of people face to face. Maybe one day I can.

Well, it’s quite wholesome to see Trisha and Manny talking about each other in a positive light. Let’s hope they get a chance to make nice!

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