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Trisha Paytas reacts to Jeffree Star dating her ex Sean Van Der Wilt rumor

It appears that that is a rumor going on about Jeffree Star’s dating life. Of course, that is nothing new as the beauty mogul often finds himself in a multitude of rumors but this time Jeffree Star fueled the flames of speculation himself. He might be dating or having a fling with musician and actor, Dean Van Der Wilt. But the story doesn’t end there. He also happens to be Trisha Paytas’s ex-boyfriend.

Perez Hilton got a tip that Jeffree Star is dating Sean Van Der Wilt

On the first of March 2021, Jeffree Star tweeted out this:

Jeffree Star Tweet Boyfriend Thirst

It was obviously a hint that Star is seeing someone new romantically. The face was hidden and we could only see the body.

Immediately after this, Perez Hilton shared that his sources tell him the new romance of Jeffree Star is Sean Van Der Wilt.

And the mystery guy seen in Jeffree Star’s Twitter post bears some resemblance to Sean Van Der Wilt.

People were quite shocked to hear that Jeffree Star’s new romance is Sean Van Der Wilt. The reason for that is because Van Der Wilt also happens to be the ex-boyfriend of Trisha Paytas!

Yes, Trisha Paytas dated Sean Van Der Wilt

From 2015 to 2016, Sean Van Der Wilt and Trisha Paytas were in a relationship. Apparently, the two ended on bad terms when Paytas put out a video saying that Sean cheated on her with a man. Paytas got some backlash for ‘outing’ Sean without his consent. There was a lot of bad blood between the two and things got messy.

But the two ultimately made up and even collaborated together for YouTube videos in early 2020. And in July 2020, Sean Van Der Wilt also appeared on Trisha Paytas’s podcast ‘Dish with Trish’ podcast.

And Trisha Paytas also heard the rumor of Star dating her ex, this is what she had to say

She uploaded a chain of TikToks where she is shading her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash for texting her and trying to reach out amid the David Dobrik and vlog squad drama. Trisha Paytas also commented on Sean Van Der Wilt’s rumored relationship with Jeffree Star:

On one hand, I’m super glad that Sean is being true to himself. And Jeffree for that matter. They have to be themselves. And that’s great. It makes me scared for Sean because Jeffree is pure evil. He’s just nasty.

Trisha Paytas further added that Jeffree Star only “associated with vulgar, vile and violent people”. Then she also calls out Shane Dawson for his problematic behavior with her.

A few months ago, Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams were called out by Trisha Paytas for continuing to support Jeffree Star despite Star bullying Trisha in horrific ways.

Like I’ve never been more sick to my stomach than knowing that Shane and Jeffree are besties. Shane and Ryland sold their souls. Shane knows everything. The truth of everything. And they sold their souls for money. They sold it out for money.

Neither Sean Van der Wilt nor Jeffree Star have confirmed the status of their relationship. Let’s see if they do and whether they react to Trisha Paytas’s comment about their romance.

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