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Trisha Paytas says they’re not Schizophrenic, even though they claimed to be in the past

Is Trisha Paytas schizophrenic? Looks like the YouTuber themself are confused about it. First, they said they are, now they're saying no.

The era of social media stars means they will share every personal detail with their followers. However, Trisha Paytas is one step ahead. Not only do they update about every minute detail of her life, but Paytas is also very open about their mental health. Previously, they announced that they were diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. However, they are now denying it.

Since she began the YouTube channel, Paytas has disclosed details about many of their mental health issues

From various eating disorders to schizophrenia, Trisha Paytas has been diagnosed with many issues. According to them, they had issues with binge eating where they would not eat for days and then would eat anything and everything. While talking about it, Trisha Paytas said:

I have a lot of issues … Binge eating has also been something for as long as I can remember. Some days I just don’t eat, literally from age seven. I remember just not eating Monday through Friday during the school week. And just eating as much as I could Saturday and Sunday.

At the same time, Trisha Paytas shared her struggles with paranoid schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder. Last year, they tweeted that they deal with every mental illness in the book. They wrote:

I’ve been diagnosed with every mental disorder in the book. I’ve talked about this. Bipolar , bpd, chronic depression , schizo, mpd, does that mean every doctor is right or every doctor is off ?

In a recent interview with Dr. Drew, Trisha Paytas backtracked from their earlier statement about schizophrenia

A few days ago, they appeared on Dr. Drew’s talk show. During the interview, Trisha Paytas talked about their mental illnesses, Frenemies, and their feud with Ethan Klein and his family. At the same time, they shared that her fiancé, Moses goes to couples therapy with them. Due to their feud with the Klein family, they had been going through a lot of anxiety and mental stress. Therefore, Paytas decided to work on the triggers with their therapist actively. In the same interview, they talked about their schizophrenia diagnosis. Trisha Paytas said:

I always thought I’m schizophrenic, I would hear voices and think I’m schizophrenic. Check. I’m, in fact, not. A lot of people have been saying that so kudos to you!

Trisha Paytas’ admission did not sit well with people

Although people have always been skeptical about their mental illnesses, this confession made them really angry. Not only are they disappointed with Paytas’ attitude towards mental health, they think it’s disrespectful to those who are actually dealing with it. According to one user:

At this point trishas just cosplaying different mental illnesses

Another user decided that enough was enough.

I’m sorry, what? I accepted your apology over faking the DID aspect of things and then you turn around and do this? This is about the last time I tolerate this.

Meanwhile, one user announced to cancel Trisha Paytas.

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