After apologising to Bees, Trisha Paytas quits being Vegan because of Doritos

According to Trisha Paytas, they're no longer vegan as they ate a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. For now, they're only vegetarian.

Last month, Trisha Paytas announced that they are going vegan. However, they have given up on it already and had a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. According to the YouTuber, they did not know that this flavor of the chips was not vegan. At the same time, they insisted that being vegetarian is enough to follow the teachings of Hare Krishan. It all began when they started to follow meditation, yoga, and spiritual journey according to Hare Krishna. Only last week, they apologized to the bees for adding honey in their Chai Latte.

In November, Trisha Paytas declared themself a vegan.

In a YouTube video, they talked about the impact of the teachings of Hare Krishna. During the video, Trisha Paytas insisted that they are turning to veganism. At the same time, they shared that they feel more present and awake after cutting out fast food. Similarly, Trisha Paytas realized that they had been putting poison in their body. According to them, Hare Krishna’s teachings have changed their perspective about life. Despite their new viewpoint of life, people could not help but talk about the rabbit fur chairs in Paytas’ dining room. On Halloween, they and Hacmon revealed the new dining room inspired by Beetlejuice. The chairs had real rabbit fur on it. This caused an uproar on social media which led to the couple editing the video.

Trisha Paytas

Few days back, the YouTuber posted TikToks where they apologized to the bees.

In a TikTok video, they shared their love for Chai Lattes. At the same time, Trisha Paytas revealed that they hate people as much as they love hot beverages. When someone pointed out that Chai Latte is not vegan, they revealed that it had almond milk and honey in it. According to them, no bees were harmed in the making of honey. However, when Trisha Paytas Googled it, they learned that honey farming does cause harm to the bees. After this, they apologized to the bees and threw away the teacup.

Trisha Paytas

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Recently, Trisha Paytas announced that they’re no more vegan but still follow vegetarian diet.

In a recent video, Paytas made another announcement that contradicts their last statement. According to them, they might not be vegan anymore. Although it was their first slip-up, it was unintentional. However, they had not realized that Cool Ranch Doritos are not vegan. After having a few, they decided to keep going and stop being vegan. Trisha Paytas said:

Do I regret it? No. Do I lack will power? Yes. I would like to announce that I am no longer vegan but I’m still a vegetarian which is still a main, core value of Hare Krishna. I will not eat meat or cheese and will stick to oat milk.

Trisha Paytas

For now, Paytas is vegetarian and enjoying the Doritos. Let’s see what tomorrow brings for Trisha Paytas.

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