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Trisha Paytas Vs. Nikocado Avocado | From Fan To Foe

Trisha Paytas allegedly did something cruel to Nikocado Avocado a few years ago when he was just starting as a YouTuber. She thought she could get away with it because Nikocado had fewer followers on his channels and he was not that famous. However, there have been some developments recently which have ended up turning Nikocado from a fan to a foe of Trisha Paytas. Nikocado was silent and he did not tell anyone till date what went down between them a couple of years back. But he finally opens up and tells his viewers what happened.

2016: The Fan Phase

Paytas was having a contest called Warrior Trisha Paytas Cover Contest. Nikocado Avocado (real name: Nicholas Perry) decided to enter the contest as he was a big fan of Paytas and loved everything about her. He thought she was funny, crazy and captivated people’s attention.

So Nikocado covered her song on the violin. The video took over 100 hours from writing to editing the video. It was also the time when Nikocado announced he stopped being vegan. He was vegan for 5 years and most of his followers were vegan so he was already facing issues at that time facing hate comments from the followers. Meanwhile, Trisha Paytas commented on Nikocado’s cover from her official YouTube ID:

i can’t even speak on how i’m feeling right now. this is so touching, i truly can’t articulate words. i have loved you for so long as a fan, and this blew my mind when i saw it in the subscriptions. we need to get together in person, there is something about you….and then this, i’m speechless. truly, i can’t think of the right words to say.

A comment like this from a celebrity you admire can change your life. Nikocado was a small YouTuber back then so it was pretty huge for him. She also tweeted about him and his cover.

So, they started talking on the direct messages on Twitter. Nikocado was in Colombia at that time and Paytas invited him to LA for a collaboration. She clearly said she was free for a week and she can make it work. Nikocado had never visited California before so this was his first time. And when he finally went to meet her, she stood him up and did not even contact him. He left messages and she did not respond to any of the texts she got.

Trisha Paytas Calls Nikocado Avocado An Obsessed Fan

Paytas has called Nikocado a crazy obsessed fan on multiple live streams. She can be seen saying she was never going to collaborate with him and she does not know where this thought came from. She says she had no idea he was coming and she only heard of him when he recorded and shared her warrior cover.

I don’t care for his videos or his personality. But you know, whatever. Doesn’t matter.

Nikocado bought gifts for her when he went to meet her. He did not want to expose her after she stood him up. On the contrary, what she did has been classified as a ruthless act by the majority of her followers. She edited all his messages, cropped her replies and then sent them all over the internet. As a result, he started receiving hate messages from people. Nikocado claims she did it after he asked for a closure demanding what went wrong.

Fast Forward: 2019 | Nikocado’s Husband Pays For Trisha’s Cameo

Nikocado’s husband Orlin Home recently paid for Trisha Paytas’ Cameo as a birthday gift for Nikocado (Birthday: May 19). The question was what you like about him and what you don’t like about him. And her Cameo goes like:

I don’t know what happened a couple of years ago. Something happened where I don’t know if we, like, misinterpreted something or I don’t know if it was just a rumor someone started that i paid for your flight which we both know we didn’t do. But look let’s not talk about what we don’t love. Because here i respect you. You are killing it. You are doing great.

And then she goes on highlighting some positive things about him. That she likes both him and his husband together. Nikocado believes if she really liked him she wouldn’t have ghosted him and talked about him negatively like she did. Was it Trisha herself or Cameo money talking?

A point to ponder, after this video was released by Nikocado, Paytas finally released an hour-long video discussing her breakup with Jason Nash. The comments section is disabled on the video. Her followers say she probably did it to distract her audience from the whole Nik-Trish drama. The feud does not end here though.

Trisha Paytas Responds to Nikocado Avocado

After viewing Nikocado’s video, Paytas initially made her Instagram and Twitter accounts private for a few hours. She later posted Instagram stories about how some people can be hateful, negative and evil. She also said the internet is not real life. Nikocado points out in his second video that Paytas conveniently says the internet is real for her but not for anyone else. She also shared some tweets about fake people. However, those tweets – that were subtly shading Nik – are deleted now.

Nikocado Responds to Paytas’ Response

Nikocado points out Paytas was the first one to expose others. He says he did not tell people to unfollow her and unsubscribe. He shared his arguments with proofs and he was 100% transparent. Meanwhile, people started tweeting and commenting on how Trisha Paytas is blocking them from her profiles because they left comments on her social profiles for resolving the beef with Nikocado. At the end of the video, Nikocado requests Paytas to contact him.

I don’t wanna play this game. I don’t wanna play dog and bones, smoke and mirror, whipping out cards and rushing things under the rug. Just turn on the camera, remind all your viewers that the internet is real, that the feelings and the things you say to other humans are real. and that includes me.

Trisha Paytas Responds to Nikocado Avocado’s Response

This has started to sound like a tongue twister. Anyways, Paytas is done giving subliminal replies and she directly addressed the issue.

So, she responds to Nikocado and shares the video on YouTube. After the James Charles cancellation scene, people started telling her she is about to be canceled too. Which explains the video title “I’m Cancelled…Again”. She discusses the DMs which Nikocado shared in his video. But thing is, she did not share any screenshot of the DMs. However, she addressed her non-response to Nikocado as under:

I have gone to collab with people and they just don’t respond.

She says not getting the response does suck but she is also not good at communicating back to people. If she didn’t respond he should have let this go. Also, her followers took notice of an upcoming collaboration between the two so they started sending her some of his videos which made her uncomfortable.

As per Paytas, she has been very guarded because she has had some issues in the past. She stated that people have to respect boundaries and they can’t just simply enter someone’s house if they are not responding.

Trisha Paytas also addressed the Cameo part and said she cannot decline a request so she discussed all the things she liked and disliked about Nikocado in that video.

Long story short, Trisha Paytas says she does not owe anyone an explanation if she is going through shit. She does not care if you watch her or not. She is going through some heartache at the moment, going to therapy. So, she does not deserve how she is being treated online.

Let’s hope both of them find peace and harmony in their life and move on from this feud.

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