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Trisha Paytas Mukbang Featured in Game of Thrones Video Teaser

Looks like the American YouTuber Trisha Paytas is coming for the Iron Throne because the new Game of Thrones teaser featured her.

I f anybody wants to hear something rich, take a look at this- the controversial YouTuber Trisha Paytas was featured in the new Game of Thrones video teaser. And looks like someone new is reaching for the Iron Throne. But well, she has already won over many hearts with people appreciating her remarkable presence. And undoubtedly, she looks so fine and so real, perfectly matching the theme and tone of the new video teaser.

Trisha Paytas Steals the Show in the new Game of Thrones Video Teaser…

Game of Thrones released a new video which is a mashup of fans dressed up as characters from the show. And they have created artwork based on White Walkers and let’s not forget YouTube’s very own Trisha Paytas. The video was titled ‘What Will you Do For the Throne’ and by the looks of it, fans are crossing all heights.

In the teaser, Trisha is seen dressed up as Daenerys Targaryan and eating a “heart,” like the character did in the show. But her snack was not a real heart but just a red-velvet cake. The clip of the YouTuber actually comes from her mukbangs where she dresses up as Khaleesi and eats a bloody horse heart. In actuality, it was a very realistic-looking red velvet cake in honor of the show, which she stans.

Trisha herself shared the video teaser on Twitter expressing her excitement and happiness at being featured with lots of crying emojis. Probably, tears of happiness.

Fans Love Trisha Paytas in Game of Thrones Teaser

Naturally, the internet and especially the comments section on her posts exploded after the video teaser featuring Paytas came out. Fans were delighted and expressed their love for her iconic moment. Many just claimed how accurate and legendary her role in the teaser was. But others even added that this makes them want to actually see the show.

Trisha Paytas is an actress, entrepreneur, and American internet personality. She initially began her career by becoming a stripper and becoming an actress on the side. Her famous songs include I Love you Jesus, I hate my Life, and Fat Chicks. As far as her acting projects are concerned, you might have seen her in Wanderlust, Double Divas, and Celebrity Big Brother. Trisha Paytas was recently involved in some YouTube drama with fellows like David Dobrik. But she has issued a public apology, and taken a break from the platform for now.

The final season of Game of Thrones is all set for release on 14th April on HBO.

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