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Trisha Paytas Makes Out With JC’s Dad in Kian & JC’s The Reality House

Kian & JC’s Big Brother inspired reality show airs every Friday. The Reality House has 13 contestants including Trisha Paytas, Lauren aka LaurDIY, Dom DeAngelis and JC’s dad Omar aka Cray Cray Roc. The first episode aired on Friday July 19, 2019 and it gave us a little teaser of Trisha Paytas making out with JC’s dad in the next episode.

Do Trisha Paytas & JC’s Dad Know Each Other Already?

The answer is no. They were introduced to each other while shooting for The Reality House. As shown in the first episode, Trisha Paytas did not even know he is JC’s dad. Or that he is also a YouTuber famous as Cray Cray Roc. So, when Trisha finds out that he is JC’s dad and he is a YouTuber, she goes like:

Now I wanna collab.

Or I guess that’s what she said because it’s hard to understand what people are saying when everyone starts speaking at the same time in that house. When Trisha asked Omar what does he do on YouTube, his reply was awesome.

Just stupid shit like other people. Half of the times I’m drunk.

And Trisha said she loves it. A party dad. (Must have reminded her of Jason Nash)

Chemistry Between Trisha Paytas And JC’s Dad Omar aka Cray Cray Roc

The chemistry brewing between Trisha and Cray Cray Roc can be seen during the first episode. She told him he should move to LA instead of living in Texas. During this Q&A and getting-to-know-each-other session, Omar also confessed he has seen Trisha naked. She got excited and curious at the same time, asking Omar if he is one of the Trisha Paytas patreons. Omar was not familiar with the term or at least he acted as if he did not know what a patreon is.

Omar is 50 Years old which kind-of explains why Trisha Paytas was taking interest in him. She told Omar she dated an 84 Years old guy when she was 19 herself. She even dragged Jason Nash while discussing her ex-mates with Omar.

My last man was 45 but he looked like he is 60 and acted like he is 19.

Omar appreciated Trisha’s style in her absence.

She flaunts her shit very well.

Maybe i should form an alliance with that Trisha girl so she doesn’t vote me out.

While Trisha had to say this about him.

He is hella hot. But also a hella man whore. So it’s hella not gonna work because we both have hella STDs.

In the next episode of The Reality House, teasers show Trisha Paytas and JC’s Dad Omar making out right in front of the camera. Is this one of the challenges included in the show or just a personal challenge Trisha threw at him? We will find it out coming Friday.

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