Trisha Paytas & Jason Nash Broke Up?

It has been almost a month since the whole drama between Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash erupted. It involved their mutual friend David Dobrik but certainly affected Trisha’s relationship with Nash. It all started when she called David Dobrik horrible in a video that she later deleted. She also explained how much Jason Nash hurt her along with David when they made an offensive joke about her.

She made a follow-up video where she took back some of the things she said and it seemed as if the whole drama between the three was resolved. A couple of days later, a romantic music video of Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash was even released. This was filmed before their relationship had trouble.

After this video, Nash posted one on his channel where it seemed as if the two were talking things out with each other. Interestingly enough, this video was later deleted by Jason Nash as well.

Surprisingly, Jason Nash and Trisha Paytas have not posed a video with each other after that. Not only that, but neither of them have been in each other’s Instagram posts or stories either!

What could this sudden absence from each other’s social media imply? Have Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash broken up yet again?

Trisha Paytas Friendship with David Dobrik

It was obvious that Trisha Paytas would not appear in any of David Dobrik’s vlogs again. Essentially, she would not be in the popular “Vlog Squad” anymore owing to the deleted video she made calling David Dobrik horrible. She also called out vlog squad members out on their hypocrisy and on Brandon Calvillo dating an underage girl.

Consequently, the vlog squad probably didn’t want her in the group anymore. They did a mega collab with James Charles. And Trisha Paytas was not present. In Trisha Paytas’ follow up a video explaining how everything was resolved, she did mention that she won’t be in David’s videos anymore. However, she stated that everything was all right between the two. But, considering that there have been no public appearances of David Dobrik and Trisha Paytas together, it seems like the friendship they have isn’t there anymore.

What about Trisha Paytas relationship with Jason Nash?

Jason Nash & Trisha Paytas’ High Probability of a Break-up

Since the drama erupted and was resolved, Jason Nash has not made an appearance on any of Paytas’ videos. And, neither has she made an appearance on Jason’s YouTube channel. Meanwhile, Jason Nash has been regularly appearing on David Dobrik’s videos. The two are still the best of friends. Even if their friendship was affected a bit, they certainly aren’t showing any of that on their respective YouTube channels.

Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash seem to be hanging out with their own friends separately.

Here, Jason Nash is seen hanging out with his Vlog Squad buddies.

And Paytas, likewise, is hanging out with her friends Shane Dawson and a Youtuber known as Emilia Farts.

Maybe, they’re On a Break?

Perhaps, we are reading too much into the situation. It may just be that Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash are on a small break. Maybe, they both need some time off and think things through. That would explain the absence of them together in public.

Since their problems may have been directly related to their relationship being too public, it could also mean they’re just taking a break from showcasing their relationship online. Trisha and Jason Nash are both very open people. Their YouTube content mostly revolves around showing their real lives to their audience, often having no filters. But, Trisha could have gotten too far this time. In the video where she called David Dobrik horrible and explained how Jason hurt her, she talked about Jason’s kids and his ex-wife. There were details that should have been kept private. In her next video, she did express regrets over disclosing private matters out in the public. Perhaps, Paytas realized that she can’t always be that open on the internet anymore. It could have led to this change.

As of now, there is no confirmation on whether they broke up or if they’re still together.

Who Are Jason Nash and Trisha Paytas

For those of you who don’t know, Jason Nash is a 45-year-old YouTuber who garnered popularity on Vine. He was also a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing in 2010. He had a comedy central web series called Jason Nash is Married. He also has a podcast ‘Views’ with his close friend David Dobrik that got a lot of success. Moreover, Nash can be seen as one of the main members of the famous Vlog Squad.

Meanwhile, Paytas has a lifestyle oriented Youtube channel blndsundoll4mj  famous for mukbangs, life and relationship advice. With about 4.8 million subscribers, she has has approximately 1.3 billion lifetime views!

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