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Trisha Paytas Is Still Obsessed With Jason Nash

If you are following the whole Paytas-Nash story from the beginning, you would know what went down between them in 2019. The famous YouTube Couple broke up and Jason Nash moved on with his life. He is having a good time with his family and the Vlog Squad. However, Trisha Paytas’ life fell apart after the break up and now she makes a declaration in every other video that she is over him. She even called Jason Nash a cheater few weeks back.  (surprisingly, that accusation was made only once.) However, things are only getting messier for her. Turns out, she is still obsessed with Jason Nash. And the fans are worried.

Accusation no. 1 | Trisha Paytas Said Jason Nash Sucks Because He Won’t Give Her Stuff Back

(Long Heading, I Know. But it fits.)  So, a few days back Trisha posted a video titled “Why my ex boyfriend sucks“. After 27 minutes of coming towards the main topic, she finally started discussing the subject of that video: Jason Nash. She agreed she was torturing herself by watching him and his videos. And she felt bad for holding him back. Trisha Paytas followed her therapist’s advice of not-overstepping-the-boundaries by not contacting him initially.

However, Trisha Paytas DM-ed Jason Nash, telling him that she wanted her stuff back. She had her clothes, jewelry, shoes, socks etc at his place. Trisha mostly wanted her designer sneakers back. Her D&G golden sneakers of $5000, Gucci’s sneakers of $2000, a custom-made designer outfit etc. Since she wanted her things back, she suggested she would visit his place or send someone else to collect all the things. She also suggested that Jason does not really have to be there for the purpose. His assistant or roommate could let them in.

But, Jason Nash did not respond. And that is why she said he sucks.

Accusation No. 2 | Jason Nash Is Scared Of Trisha Paytas

In a very awkward video titled “Why my ex-boyfriend is scared of me” shared yesterday, Trisha Paytas proved she is still obsessed with Jason Nash. Well, she confirmed she watches his videos and then thinks “No i do not want to be a part of this”.

Not that he is a bad guy. He is living his life. He’s getting literally a second chance at life; he’s living as a 20 year old again. Which is cool but not something that i want.

Trisha also commented that she should be making 30 videos a week about him. Because, if they (Read: Vlog Squad)  care more about the views then why she isn’t view-hungry. She should also be getting more views. Moreover, Trisha also called them (Keep Reading: Vlog Squad) ruthless. She says they blamed her for making fun of David’s stutter. Which she justified by the following argument.

David literally made fun of me being slutty, and all my STDs and all these other fat jokes.


Since Trisha believes all people care about is “drama videos”, she made another one. So, what really happened now is Jason Nash packed and sent all her stuff back. There were 3 big boxes and apparently the boxes were delivered to her lease office instead of her apartment, at a time when she was not home. She also confirmed “his assistant texted my makeup artist Adam saying Jason just left the stuff there”.

Dude is scared of me. That gave me the most un-resolve-ment from this whole thing. He broke up with me not because of his friends, not because I made that video. Am I that scary that you can’t be like “dropped your shit off, bitch”. I did a number on him.

Trisha also discussed comments of people saying Jason Nash should get a restraining order against her.

I am not a violent person. I can be a little upset with somebody. But, anyways, I guess that is also kinda scary. Whatever, I don’t have a restraining order yet.

She also confirmed she never had any restraining orders against herself. However, she has restraining orders against some people.

I am an actual psycho. Oh my god, I am not.  Oh my god, I keep saying that.

Unboxing The Three Boxes

Before unboxing, Trisha Paytas said she had a lot of stuff at his place that all she had to do was move in with him officially. However, she also remarked that the things in the boxes will tell if it has all the things. While unboxing, it was revealed Jason Nash sent her-gifts-to-him back as well. YIKES! (can’t blame him really). This act was translated in Trisha’s language as:

Maybe he wants my Chanel purse and my diamond necklace back.

Which are apparently the gifts he gave her. But she is not returning those gifts because she loved them. And breaking news, she follows all his Instagram stories and posts. Turns out, she has been blocked from watching his Instagram stories only.

It honestly feels like we were married.

Accusation no. 3 | Jason Nash Cannot Pack Expensive Stuff

After digging into the boxes, Trisha Paytas kind-of lost it after finding her expensive pairs of sneakers just randomly thrown in the box. She said these were almost $15000 worth of sneakers. She really wished he could have packed them better. After ranting about her stuff for few minutes, she finally said thank you.

He gave me back my stuff. So, thank you. He doesn’t suck anymore.

People Believe Trisha Paytas Was High During The Whole Video

On a side note, her viewers believe she was high-on-something during her whole video. Trisha was not acting normal, she kept laughing at a higher pitch, kept getting-off the track as well. She also had a surgery recently so there are chances she might be on painkillers. Trisha has already talked about her opioid addiction as well. Towards the end of the video, she also confirmed that she was back to her addiction for a couple of days.

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