Trisha Paytas has announced that they are now Pagan

Recently, Trisha Paytas revealed that they will soon start practicing Pagan religion and people cannot stop trolling them.

After Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam, Trisha Paytas is all set to indulge in another religion. According to their new video, they will soon start practicing Pagan. While many assume that the Pagan religion worships the devil, it’s actually not true. According to Pagan religion, nature is sacred and humans come from it. After the YouTuber revealed this, people came for them and criticized them for changing religion every other day.

Since meeting Moses Hacmon, Trisha Paytas has started exploring different religions

As we all know, Hacmon is Jewish and practices Judaism. Therefore, Trisha Paytas tried many times to convert to their husband’s religion. However, it seems that they could not complete the conversion. According to a recent TikTok, they might have paid a Rabbi to become a Jew instead of completing the conversion course. Similarly, Trisha Paytas has been actively talking about Hare Krishna and Hinduism on their YouTube channel. Since starting their spiritual journey, they also have been practicing Hare Krishna yoga and following the beliefs of Hinduism. In order to defend Hindus, Paytas started condemning Muslims and Islam. However, this backfired and people criticized them for this. In response to this, Paytas revealed that they are also studying Islam to understand it better.

Recently, they revealed that they will soon start practicing Pagan religion

During a recent live stream, Trisha Paytas revealed that they are considering converting to the Pagan religion. At the same time, they interacted with people from the Pagan community to clear some misconceptions about it. According to assumptions, Pagan followers worship the devil. However, that is not true at all. In fact, they consider nature to be sacred and say that humans come from it. After that, Trisha Paytas addressed their followers in another video and said:

“I feel like its my calling and so I’m going to get my purity candles. I’m excited they came into my life. I think it’s my calling. So watch out Pegan community, I’m coming for you.”

Shortly after this, people came for Trisha Paytas and criticized them

As expected, Trisha Paytas practicing a new religion did not sit well with many people. Therefore, people criticized them and trolled the YouTuber. According to one person:

She’s collecting titles like infinity stones.

Meanwhile, another said:

Seeing her face just stresses me immediately can’t imagine what Ethan feels lol

One person could not believe the people who support Trisha Paytas.

One person said:

watch out “pegging” community

One person said:

can’t wait to see her misusing white sage and getting called out on it <333

Needless to say, people did not hold back and trolled Trisha Paytas. So far, Paytas has not responded to the backlash. Only time will tell how far this new religious obsession will go.

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