Trisha Paytas is going unhinged in new TikTok videos

After the major backlash and petition against them, Trisha Paytas seems to be completely unfazed by it all. But is it real or just an act?

Only last week, it seemed that Trisha Paytas may never recover from the backlash and criticism. There is an active petition which demands to ban them from social media. At the same time, their friends are turning foe. Similarly, people who once used to support Paytas are also backing away. All this backlash magnified when Ethan Klein released a statement about Paytas’ s**ual assault allegations. However, it seems that they are unfazed by any of the criticism. Recently Paytas posted a couple of TikTok videos, which hinted at the hate they’re receiving. Looks like they don’t really care what you think.

Trisha Paytas

After Klein released the statement, Trisha Paytas haters got active.

It all began when Ethan Klein posted a tweet. According to the tweet, he had deleted a video from Frenemies podcast on YouTube. In the video, Trisha Paytas had talked about their high school teacher s**ually assaulting them. At the same time, they claimed that the teacher served time in jail for possession of child p****graphy. According to Klein, there is no evidence of these allegations. Therefore, he decided to delete the video from his YouTube channel. This led to Trisha Paytas accusing Klein of enticing hate against them. Similarly, they posted a video where they broke down and begged Klein to just stop. After that, they made their Twitter account private.

However, things got worse

Despite Klein saying there is no evidence against the teacher, Trisha Paytas did not stop. On their TikTok channel, they posted more videos against the teacher. At the same time, they mentioned his full name and asked people to look him up. Although the teacher passed away, his family had to face a lot of bashing. After Klein’s claim that Paytas is lying, Cancelled podcast hosts deleted the episode where Trisha Paytas was the guest on the Cancelled podcast. Similarly, Paytas also deleted many of their videos. According to statistics, they deleted 1 billion views. A petition is also actively demanding that YouTube ban Trisha Paytas forever. It has more than 100,000 signatures so far.

Trisha Paytas

Despite all of this, Trisha Paytas seem to be completely detached from reality

While the people are demanding them to leave YouTube, Trisha is posting TikTok videos. In a series of videos, they can be seen shading her haters. First, there is a video with a voice-over and Trisha Paytas can be seen lip-syncing. It says:

Stop worrying about what the f*** I am doing. Mind you motherf***ing business. God damn!

In the next video, Trisha Paytas is standing in front of the mirror and the voiceover says:

You’re not very pretty, you’re not very bright. I’m so glad we had this talk.

At the same time, the text on the video says, when comments don’t hurt ’cause you’ve been your own hater for 33 years.

Although they deny that the haters are not getting to them, Trisha is clearly affected. If they weren’t, they would not have deleted the videos from YouTube.

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