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Trisha Paytas Instagram Livestream Has Fans Worried

Trisha Paytas has her fans worried after she went MIA for a week and then returned dehydrated. Before disappearing into her new LA house, her last Instagram post had Jaclyn Hill’s ex-husband Jon Hill. Both were getting intimate on the Instagram stories and fans were just taking it as a regular troll by Trisha Paytas. However, when she was MIA, her fans initially thought that she was getting cozier with Jon Hill. But, turned out she was allegedly getting high with him. Trisha Paytas and Jon Hill are known for their addictions of drugs and alcohol. Were they really getting high in this break? Was Trisha Paytas dehydrated because of her relapse? Fans believe so. She scared her fans more after going live on her Instagram.

Trisha Paytas “High” Video & Fans Reactions

After being unproblematic for many weeks, Trisha Paytas is back at it in 2020. Her fans believed they’ll be seeing a new Trish this year, free of drama and full of maturity. However, they really got something else as a New Year gift. Trisha did not just want to have a baby with Jon Hill, Jon Hill called her his wifey as well. Jon Hill was wearing Trisha’s merch as well. Even though his close ones say it is all a setup and they were trolling the internet, the facts are showing something else.

After staying away from the internet for a few days, Trisha Paytas shared a video titled “Yikes” and it was yikes indeed. To summarize it all, Trisha Paytas skipped his name but fans can tell she was talking about Jon Hill. He started DMing her, they chatted for hours, got together for a night and took photos, added captions when they were drunk and Trisha says he did not want to post the images in the beginning. However, they did and did not check their phones till the next morning when the shit had already hit the fan. Meanwhile, as per Trisha, she got flue and got sick with a fever. That’s why she was dehydrated. But he really took care of her during the sickness period. And watching this video has her fans worried.

Trisha Paytas Fans

Trisha Paytas’s caption is also gone from the image on her Instagram handle. Strange? We know, right. The yikes video was uploaded on January 6, 2020. Trisha Paytas even missed her YouTube anniversary on January 4, 2020, as well.

Going Live on Instagram & Scaring People

A person can be heard in the background, asking Trisha Paytas not to do it. (not to go live, that is). The fans believe him to be Jon Hill. Because Trisha Paytas went live with Jon Hill the same day after some time.

While Trisha was live and crying, the stream goes like this:

Guy: Trisha! please don’t.

Trisha: don’t talk to me.

Guy: please! I’m sorry. please don’t.

Trisha: I don’t know what else to do. Like, I am literally so upset right now. I’m literally so upset, I have nowhere to go.

Guy: I’ve a court case.

What have the fans worrying is; Trisha Paytas’s eyes were not normal. Even though in that Yikes video shared later by her, she blamed her sickness was due to flu and fever. However, flu does not do that to your eyes and the internet knows it. Trisha Paytas confessed she had an opioid addiction a few months back, and the fans believe Jon Hill has put her back to the drug hell.

Trisha Paytas’s Miosis

The condition is called miosis, and well, that does make sense. Trisha went ‘Live’ again and said everything is good and she was just feeling overwhelmed. Jon Hill, or probably some other guy, whoever that guy is he is facing some serious court trouble. That’s why he asked Trisha not to say anything Live as it could be used against him in the court. Was Trisha going to confess about her relapse and the opioids on that Livestream? She’s definitely trying to deflect it now.

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